10 Gifts All Zombie Lovers Should Get This Christmas!

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Another magical time of the year is upon us!

Even zombies are feeling it! The one I got in my shed is really peaceful and calm lately. He’s even started moaning some carols.

Bur seriously, Christmas is coming and shopping needs to be done! We are going to help you out a bit with this list of 10 coolest zombie gifts for this Christmas:

THE!!!….Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks – The best survival guide out there.  A simple must have, if someone you know doesn’t have it, he/she needs it :)! Click here for other good books.

After dismemberment even cuter :)

Dismember-Me Plush Doll - A doll that you can dismember. Who wouldn’t like that!? Click here for more zombie toys.



The Last of Us


The Last of Us – The latest and one of the best video games with zombies. Available unfortunately only for the PS3. This game has it all: incredible and breathtaking graphics and setting. Deep story and awesome zombies.


Plants vs Zombies Zombies Socks

Zombie Socks – its Christmas, you know… that time of the year when it ‘s really really cold… and we need socks! Need more zombie accessories?

Christmas and cookies, yum!

Zombie Cookie Jar Head - looks great and can hold cookies, what else do you really need?

We’re coming to get you.

Lego Zombies – If you’re like me, you’ll simply adore LEGO zombies. Click for more toys. Also check out other zombie LEGO’s.


The Walking Dead Warning Sign T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Warning Sign T-Shirt – Seriously, this shirt looks awesome.  Click here for more zombie clothing.



The Walking Dead The Complete Third Season

The Walking Dead – The Complete Third Season –  The best zombie show, ever! So what better way to spend the cold months of the winter than snuggled on the couch watching this great show.

Fun for the whole family!

TheLast Night on Earth – Winter time; you need good indoor entertainment , and this is the best zombie board game. Check out more zombie board games and card games.

Double tap!

Baseball bat - An excellent present for a true zombie hunter. Not for kids! If you do not know why you need this bat please click here and save a life.

If you want more, here is our toy section!

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