2010 Zombie Safe House Competition!

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Hey guys, check this out! There is this group of people who do not just write about the inevitable zombie apocalypse but they are actually doing something to save us all.

Guys from Architects Southwest have sponsored an annual competition where you can submit your designs for an ideal zombie safe house!

The 2010. competition is over and we have our winner!

And the first annual Golden Shovel award goes to the…

SS Huckleberry

I must admit, this is one hell of a design! We all know that zombies do not posses the cognitive skills for swimming so basing your safe house on water is an excellent start!

Another brilliant idea is the zombie-diesel concept, it’s pure genius! Looks like the designer considered everything here. I must say that the award ended in the right hands but all the finalists were interesting and creative.

Check out the other entries here zombiesafehouse.wordpress.com and start preparing for the 2011. competition.

You have until September 15th 2011. so if you have some ideas of your own this is the place to present them!

And who knows, maybe some day you will be the one who saves human race!

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