5 Zombies You Wouldn’t Want To Encounter!

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Imagine yourself walking down a dark alley scavenging or looting (it is the apocalypse after all) and all of a suddend one of these guys appears in front of you!

Here is a list of  5 toughest zombies ever!


Usain Bolt – world’s fastest man equals world’s fastest zombie! Now that’s scary!


Spock – the most intelligent zombie of them all. Even scarier!

zombie spock

Nikolai Valuev – This 7ft 2in beast of a man is a professional boxer from Russia. I believe he was the perfect candidate for this selection!


Chuck Norris – no comment needed!

Ted Danson – Ted has no physical atributes that would qualify him as a dangerous zombie (i know, all zombies are dangerous). I just believe that he looks amazing with zombie make-up. You could say that he is the most convincing zombie!

TD zombie

That’s it folks. Remember, when in doubt, decapitate (even if they’re famous)!

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