7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Zombie For Halloween!

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Here is a list of reasons why should You choose to transform yourself into a zombie this Halloween!


  1. Zombies are dirty! If you don’t feel like washing this weekend, just put on some fake blood and you’re ready to go.
  2. Zombies are lazy! If you exclude the modern concept of runners, zombies are generally slow walkers. So, become a zombie and you’ll have an excuse to drag your ass around all day!
  3. Zombies are mute! If you don’t feel like communicating that day, put on your zombie costume and you can go around just saying “ngh” or “zrphg” all day!
  4. Zombies are broke! As a member of the living dead, you do not understand the concept of money. Therefore, you could go out with no money and none of your friends could complain about it (especially Batman – he’s loaded!)
  5. Zombies are easy to maintain! If you want to dress up as a zombie all you really need is some old clothes and some ketchup! But of course, we at zombieplace urge you to be a little more creative!
  6. Zombies are cool! Admit it, they are pretty cool!
  7. Walking Dead airs on Halloween! Trust me, after that show, everybody will want to be a zombie!

Happy Halloween guys and remember: when in doubt, decapitate!

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