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Welcome to the unique and wonderful world of zombies!! This site will bring you the true insight in the world of the living dead and their awesomeness!


ZOM-BIE: (Zom’be) n.also ZOM-BIES pl.
1. An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh.
2. A voodoo spell that raises the dead.
3. A Voodoo snake god.
4. One who moves or acts in a daze “like a zom-bie.” {a word of West African origin}

George A. Romero once said; “I like the zombies being us. Zombies are the blue – collar monsters.” This is probably one of the most interesting things about zombies, the possibility that once the outbreak occurs, everyone can become a flesh-eating, mindless ghoul, even your favorite aunt :-).

The idea behind this site is to inform, teach, and amuse you with the all the information about zombies you’ll ever need.

What is a zombie? How are they created?  What are their needs, their desires? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Why are they hostile? What is Solanum?… These are just a few of the questions we’ll try and answer for you.

We’ll bring you reports from recorded attacks from all over the globe, useful tips about killing, living and SURVIVING in a zombie infested world. Survival is the key word to remember – not victory, not conquest, just survival. Think of this site as your first line of defense (the last are you fists, I’m afraid) in the zombie apocalypse.

Of course we’ll want your support in reporting any suspicious activities, sharing advices or simply supporting our cause.  And in this day and age, where diseases spread globally very quickly and efficiently, who is to deny the possibility that this could happen to us?


We are currently on a top secret mission somewhere in Western Africa, hunting and killing the worst kind of zombies we can find – with the awesome help of the local zombie-killing tribes!

When we return, there will be plenty of stories to tell and maybe a few Christmas presents for those who enjoy collecting decapitated zombie heads:-)

Remember kids: When in doubt, DECAPITATE!

The zombie-killing team from ZombiePlace.Com




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