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As our site grows, more and more people contact us with their exciting zombie projects.

It really pleases us to see all of you being so creative and that you would choose our site as the place to promote.

First of all, an apology! In our Zombie MMO section we listed Quarantine 2019 as spin off game not worthy of your attention.

But we were proven wrong!

 Quarantine 2019

Since we posted that article, guys behind Quarantine 2019 have done some great work and the game has really come along.

“Quarantine 2019 is a free browser-based zombie apocalypse multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). There are no NPCs – every human or zombie you meet in-game is a real person, all interactions in-game are entirely player generated.

Players choose to start out as either zombie or human (each with its own advantages and disadvantages) then enter the current running round. Humans have a chance of being turned into zombies when they are killed and zombies can be injected to turn them into humans when killed, making a dynamic and ever-changing population ratio of humans to zombies.

The game is played in a series of “rounds”. Once either the zombies or humans have completed the win condition for that round, all stats and skills are reset – this is to avoid having a few overpowered players and allows new players to the game to enter on a more-or-less level playing field. All game actions cost Energy Points, which are regenerated every 7 minutes 12 seconds, and can be stored to a maximum of 50 Energy Points. This prevents “hardcore” players from becoming overpowered and gives people who play less often a relatively level playing field.

So, whether you are a hard core zombie lover, or casual defender of the human race, or any combination at all, now is a great time to join!”

Quarantine 2019

 We’re Alive

Next up, we have an excellent concept, a podcast called We’re alive.

An excellent radio drama, that will grip you tighter than many Hollywood blockbusters!

You should sit back, kick your shoes off, put those headphones on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to our reader Johnny K. for the heads up!



Magic Forrest

And last but certainly not the least is the legendary Zombre comic, now under the name Magic Forrest can be found here

It’s an excellent and quirky comic book made by Ansis Purins, a freelance artist and comic book writer.

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  1. Sean Bingham November 18, 2011 6:04 am 

    Severed Press Just released the first book in the Zombie series, “Zombacter”.

    “The story is unlike most other zombie books out there and that the reader is given a front-row seat to humanity’s downfall, and the parasitic aspect of the bacteria is fully explored … This is one of the few books that uses the actual zombie-process as the main part of the story.”

    YouTube Trailer:


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