Costumes & Make-Up

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Among other things, Halloween is awesome because everybody gets to dress up into their favorite creatures and roam the night scaring the neighborhood. And if you’re looking for that zombie look, this is your stop! There are several ways for you to achieve that undead look. If you are crafty with a brush, your option should be the make-up sets available here. Just apply a heavy foundation of green of white, add some cuts and bruises and voila- you’re a zombie! But, if you’re looking for a more complete and realistic look, you should check out the costumes.

If you find anything you like just click on the image!

Make – Up

Zombie Family Makeup Kit

Clawed Latex Wound Kit


Fulci Zombie Latex Mask

Dark Zombie Adult Costume Size Standard

Creeping Zombie

Adult Punk Zombie Costume

Lifesize Crawling Zombody


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