Environment, Equipment & Survival

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Knowing your surroundings is one of the key elements in surviving the zombie apocalypse (not getting bitten is the key one)! We will teach you how to cope with the obstacles thrown in front of you and use them to your advantage.

Firstly, you’ll have to start noticing things around you! For instance, what kind of terrain you live in (plains, woods, urban areas, etc.), what is the climate like, how often does it rain and stuff like that. Nobody is telling you to join the boy scouts or rangers but start observing! It might just save your life! The goal here is to prepare you so that when the ghouls start munching away, your main concern won’t be geography !

Environment Articles:

- Get Outta Town

- Desert Terrain

- Mountain Terrain

Probably the most important thing when dealing with zombies are weapons and your ability to use them. I’m sure most of you think killing is easy, but believe you me, killing a zombie is quite a challenge!

Everybody knows that to kill an undead you need to destroy the brain. But that can be pretty tricky especially if you do not have the appropriate tools! Beside weapons, we’ll concentrate on other vital life-saving items such as first aid kits, tools and other various usable items in your household. Also, there will be tests! Lots and lots of instructions on how to use each of the recommended items.

Equipment articles:

- The Machete

- Indian War Club

- Slingshot

- Spear

- Survival Hatchet

- The Hammock

- The Handgun

- The Crossbow

- The Baseball Bat

- The Wrecking Bar

- Zombie Survival Kit

- Zombie Traps

- Zombie Knife

- Vehicles

As said before, the one word that should never slip your mind – SURVIVAL!

That is the goal, and that alone! No matter what happens or what you witness you have to survive. It is your obligation as cognitive, sentient beings. Of course, ZombiePlace.com is here to help you with that. We’ll show you strategies that will get you across zombie land to your own little slice of zombie untouched paradise. How to travel, when and where to sleep, how to eliminate threats and why should everyone own a bicycle? Answers coming shortly!

Survival articles:

- Zombie Survival

- Securing Your Home

- How To Survive A Zombie Attack

- How to Kill a Zombie


Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!

And remember kids: When in doubt, decapitate!


  1. Serj√£o November 13, 2012 2:58 am 

    The best close combat weapon to kill a zombie it is a katana!!
    quiet, good range and don`t need reaload. :D
    always have one.

  2. Josh December 3, 2012 11:19 am 

    That would be a horrible weapon. How many authentic katanas do you have lying around that where actually forged correctly? Don’t trust the ones you buy online that stupid and they will break after a few uses. A katana takes practice to use and up keep on it is high dents bending chips all take a long time to learn to take care of. Try a machete its used for hacking. Also have to say the endurance it takes to swing a katana over and over while running away probably starving and thirsty. The only thing worse I can think of is a chainsaw. So go pick up a katana when zombies come just means more zombie food. The best option would be dont get close. Fluid on fluid equals death look at your hands do you have any tiny cuts tears on you hands or maybe acne all open to infection. Take a swing get blood on you assuming its a fresh zombie youd die.

  3. Dean April 3, 2013 6:20 pm 

    best weapon is a crowbar

  4. TehZombieMan221 July 6, 2013 11:09 pm 

    The Best Weapon Would Be A Metal Or Steel Blunt Weapon because it Can destroy The Brain And Not Get Stuck In A Zombie’s Body. Such As A BaseBall Bat Or A Pipe Would Due Nicely. No Needing Bullets and easy To Come By If You Know What To Look For.

  5. Joseph David Samuel Martin July 22, 2013 8:16 am 

    the best thing to have with a gun is a silencer it helps the gun make less noise and it may decrease the accuracy but its good if you don;t want to make a lot of noise and bring a zombie horde

  6. josh October 6, 2013 11:58 am 

    silencers dont make a gun less noisy at all, they are still pumping out anywhere upwards of 130Db a shot, they decay over time and will break and make the gun a harder thing to use. should only ever be used to make a gunshot sound different, ie; vs people

  7. Mr. YoloSwag November 10, 2013 7:51 pm 

    Personally I have 3 favorite weapons I would take with me on the zombie apocalypse they are
    -Small Axe (Hatchet)
    -Metal Baseball bat
    -Fixed Survival Knife (for emergency)
    I don’t think I would take a gun just because it would need a lot of maintenance, and would be virtually useless w/ out ammo.
    For the dude who said a katana would be the best weapon… your sort of right. Although I would recommend a Wakazashi, it’s basically a shorter katana at 2-3ft with the same attributes. The reason why the Wakazashi would be better is because it would take less time and stamina to swing at a zombie, and save u in a pinch;)

  8. Chance October 15, 2014 10:12 pm 

    The katana rules as anyone who has marveled at how good a real one is (and yes i have one my grandfather brought back from the war over the Pacific) can testify to the weapon being brilliant. first it will take off a head with one blow. he hatchet and as good as a machete is may also not. the machete is preferable in tight areas as it is one handed and slightly lighter than any sword. But not a lot lighter that a well crafted K. the K being two handed takes very little effort to get to full speed esp. when striking from an upward to downward motion. And velocity, mass and sharpness do have a great bearing in penetration and slashing power. I want to use the weapon I only need to strike once with as apposed to something I have to hit 2,5,10 times, best to carry from your back where you can grab from over your shoulder and make an instant 90 degree or more slash down toward the neck. Ninja style not Samari off your belt so everyone can see it . Fast clean and effective. Bring a machete to a sward fight and you will go away hoping you have a hand to hold it afterward. Remember the great K were measured by not if they will go through a body but how many at one time. Even a great machete makes no clam to this.

  9. krellous darkone July 8, 2015 6:07 am 

    did he use oil on it cause it will ruin the blade or was it grease anyways either one will make it useless

  10. krellous darkone July 8, 2015 6:27 am 

    you also forget about how fast some zombies are and ones that look like they’re dead but are not. if i can make someone create a scenario where it would take more than melee weapons. you’d be pretty much be screwed also think of 7 billion zombies and triple that number for an up dated count of how many people there will be by the time it already has happened. then add the fact you may have stronger zombies, harder ones and ones that may do things like no other zombie does. if a zombie had more memory than what the movies betray. but not enough to make them know humans aren’t food, also adding all types of wild life zombies. then you really don’t have much of a chance to slash a zombie bear. remember movies don’t have every zombie possible so you gotta add alot to the plate then you have to worry about those mosquitoes. they be able to infect you without you knowing. also remember in the holy bible there’s archbishop Lazarus who had die but came back to life and they now call finding something that was supposidely exstinctthe lazarus effect. the Lazarus effect you have to consider. what you thought to be extinct isn’t

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