Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Review

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Review

This game is meant for co-op play. If you decide to play this game alone, you'll be bored within 20 minutes. Fact.

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I enjoyed Sniper Elite V2 very much and upon hearing about this game I got very excited. I shouldn’t have.

You see, the story is as typical as it can get. Upon realizing that he is about to lose the war, Hitler decides that it is time to put ‘Plan Z’ into motion.

And that’s it.  Cut scene ends, and you are smack in the middle of some village in Germany fighting off hordes of zombie Nazi soldiers.

I should point out that, despite the cliche story line, I truly enjoyed the first few minutes of gameplay, especially the music and the atmosphere.

But that all ended when I tried to snipe off an enemy. You see, one of the best things about Sniper Elite is the sniping (hence the name). But, in this game I couldn’t hit the side of a barn.

Every time I looked down the scope, my frame rate would drop unbelievably. Mind you, I have a decent setup and have played Sniper Elite V2  on High settings without any problems.

But regardless of its lagging problems, I was determined to push on.  And I did. I killed zombie after another, went from house to house until I realized how repetitive it all was.

And the worst thing was I even switched my sniper for a side arm as it was more effective when disposing zombies. Sure, every now and then you’ll get a kill-cam cut scene which is cool and all but after a while that gets boring too.


Those kill cam cut scenes are fun to watch but can get repetitive after awhile.

The AI is exactly what it portrays, mindless zombies following you around the town square in circles while you throw grenades at them . There are various types of enemies (including skeletons with still beating heats as targets..sigh..) and couple of bosses.

Now, I will not continue as I haven’t played co-op which is, from what i understand, the best trait of this game and given its low price of only 10 bucks, could prove to be a good choice if you’re looking to end Nazis with your friends.

So in conclusion, I have to admit I expected way too much from this game which is basically a cheap zombie cash cow worth a couple of hours of mindless fun. And that’s OK.






The Verdict


The Good: Good music, fun co-op

The Bad: AI, repetitiveness, story


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