Get Outta Town

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Our species has always been trying to cope with the environment, finally being able to shape it to its satisfaction. Today, mankind has the technology to manipulate any form of terrain, from mountains to deserts. Our homes are built in that way that we control the conditions in them (temperature, light, humidity, etc.).

But what happens when technology fails and, in the events of the zombie apocalypse, you are thrown at nature’s mercy? We’ll be dealing with terrain types and how to survive in them. When the zombie outbreak begins, your chances of survival will mostly depend on the environment. For instance, urban surroundings are the most difficult one to survive in simply because of the vast population, therefore potential zombies it houses.


Zombie cityIf you live in a city, you know what crowded means. You know how it feels to get stuck in an endless line or a traffic jam. Now, imagine your town being stripped of any authority or public services! And add to that the mass hysteria and panic of your co-citizens when the outbreak starts. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of all that chaos. Just think of all those roads blocked with thousands of cars and dead bodies!

And yes, there will be dead bodies! For a short period of time, at least. Until they come back to life. Remember: big population equals a whole lot of potential zombies! And then there’s the immense risk of being attacked from numerous directions. Every shop, every door, every car presents a shortcut to becoming a zombie burger! Vehicles would also soon become useless as the roads would be blocked in a matter of seconds, so you would have to continue on foot.

So, to sum up: In case of an zombie attack, you wouldn’t want to be in the cities for too long. Just enough to grab your supplies and head for a secure location OUTSIDE of town!


Remember kids: When in doubt, decapitate!

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