How To Survive A Zombie Attack

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The answer is simple: Avoid the zombie attack…at all cost. You do not want to get bitten by a zombie, scratched by a zombie, accidentally spat on by a zombie, swallow some zombie goo; in the end, all contact with a zombie should be avoided.

If you’re not prepared for a zombie attack, then running, excellent combat skills or pure luck will do. Hence, be prepared. Items like leather gloves and jacket are extremely precious in a zombie contact (they’re fashionable too ;) ) since it’s the best civilian protection against zombie bites. You should also have a pair of military goggles to protect your eyes from runaway splashes of zombie blood and other bits and pieces.

Also, you should definitely have something to put over your mouth and nose, like a scarf or one of those paranoid flu mask thingies. A gas mask would make the last few objects obsolete, but how many of you have tried running with one on your face; let me tell you, it ain’t easy and it ain’t pretty.  would be perfect for the legs (but be careful they’re not to tight.. cause, you know.. running and stuff). Please, don’t be judgmental! I do not have a leather fetish.. but you also need leather boots; preferably military ones.

How To Survive A Zombie Attack

Now that we’ve moved protection out of the way, lets focus on the real issue of the how to survive a zombie attack question.

Aim for the head, it’s the only way to kill a zombie (or put to sleep as we call it in the business). You have to destroy the brain with extreme prejudice. Do not feel cocky and start tearing the zombie’s limbs off for fun, destroy the brain/head as quickly and as accurately as you can. Any handgun, shotgun, rifle or machine gun will do just nicely.

However, there is a problem! Guns make noise, require bullets, oil and good repairing and maintaining skills. Crossbows are quiet but take long to reload and you need to retrieve the ammo you spend (if you have a crossbow, make it a secondary weapon). Bows and arrows are a big no no… ok, a big no no. A bow is not so accurate, unless you’re a professional (and even then the range is quite limited compared to a crossbow), the ammo takes too much space and there are many, many more objections and remarks why you shouldn’t use a bow and arrows to dispatch a zombie.

Melee weapons are easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to obtain in case of an emergency; a lot of objects in your household can go from a dust collector to an amazing zombie killing tool in just a few seconds. Most of the kitchen tools, garden tools, garage tools and so on. In case of a zombie attack don’t blindly and foolishly stick to one melee weapon. Always look for an upgrade! A sword is much better than a kitchen knife, a spear will get you much further than let’s say a shovel. And the katana… oh the katana!

And remember, kids: When in doubt, decapitate!

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