I Am Zombie RPG

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I Am Zombie RPG

I Am Zombie is a an upcoming Tabletop RPG zombie game. The men and women behind the game have really made an amazing job creating the unique zombie universe and overall coming up with a really really good plan on making a good quality tabletop RPG. In this universe, not all zombies are dumb mindless corpses, some ( one in 10 000 ) posses intelligence and YOU are THAT zombie.

They’ve already gathered nearly 50% of their budget and that’s just in 2 days… so please go check their work out and see if you can help and get yourself some really good in-game perks and items. I Am Zombie Kickstarter

Enough of me giving these people praise; check out the trailer below… you’ll like it :)

and remember to check out the I Am Zombie to see the cool artwork and story telling.




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  1. Robert Almighty June 24, 2013 3:13 pm 

    This is amazing, I’m in! I hope I will be able to cut on my allowance to get it before campaign ends. :/

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