Introducing: Zombie Pandemic

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Today, we have a privilege to present to you Zombie Pandemic, a free text based PBBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer roleplaying (MMORPG) zombie game. This game has been around for some time now, the guys from Pixel Pandemic have been working hard on it,  and it’s time you got some first-hand information. So, here is an interview we did with Thomas Jacobsen, one of the developers of Zombie Pandemic:

  • Could you please introduce yourself and the rest of the crew behind Zombie Pandemic and how did you get to the idea of making a cool zombie game.

We are a small indie team who all come from a web and game development background. Having grown up with great roleplaying gams for the PC platform and being zombie fans we always wanted to do a MMORPG browser game which offered a richer and more complex gameplay yet didn’t require tons of hours to play on a weekly basis. So we started the project 3 years ago with the original idea of a browser MMORPG which required no download, was free to play and could be played in less than 15-20 min. daily.

  • Are you guys working on any other projects beside Zombie Pandemic?

Yes well we have lots of ideas but currently we have 2 other games in pipeline which we hope to do once Zombie Pandemic is finished. Both of them are based on post-apocalyptic themes with much similar game mechanics as Zombie Pandemic with an emphasis on co-op vs. AI controlled enemy. Radiated Wasteland which is inspired by one of our all time favorite game Fallout and Wasteland popular culture such as the Mad Max movies. UFO: Alien Attack will have a greater emphasis on an invasion type game setting where players must co-op to fight off alien hordes invading the Earth fighting as the resistance.

  • So far I have killed about 170 different enemies… tell us how many types there really are?

I guess you have meet most of them then. We currently have 200 unique zombies with everything from a zombie stripper to a school teacher zombie, raiders and some vicious animals.

  • I like that the game keeps evolving, specifically the quests. Are you planing on adding CO-OP mission or somehow else spicing up the story even more? Also, will there maybe be transportation in the future?

Yes at this point the game is still in beta and a lot of new game features haven’t been added yet. We have recently improved the clan and safehouse features and more co-op options including quests is definitely on our to-do-list as well. Transportation however is still something which is being discussed.

  • Speaking of CO-OP, will there be a PvP aspect of the game, or will the survivors stick together until the bitter end?

Yes we also want to introduce some PvP gameplay elements later and have been talking about opening an extra server with a more hardcore gameplay mode and PvP gameplay. We will release some info on this later.

  • Which is your favorite zombie movie?

My favorite movie is definitely the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead which made the original Dead Rising game for XBOX even more enjoyable. We like the more classic Romero stuff in general in combination with Max Brooks’s books and are enjoying the first episodes of the Walking Dead TV series very much. I personally love the comic books though I must admit I just recently finished the 72th issue.

  • Do you have anything else to say to our readers?

Well this will be the first place we officially announce it but we are working on a map tile system to replace the current logic meaning that you will be able to see the zombie infested streets in a top down graphical  2D perspective. This also mean we will be replacing the current map with a more graphical mini map and that the GUI overall will be greatly improved. Another upcoming feature is that we will introduce sewers which will work together with the underground thus making a more complete underground grid which players can use to travel under the city. We also have a tutorial coming soon which should help make the game easier to access for new players (still being in beta).

We at ZombiePlace thank Thomas and the other guys at Pixel Pandemic for doing this interview and making an excellent game. Be sure to try it out, I’m sure you’ll like it: Zombie Pandemic

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