Land of the Dead

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Land Of The Dead

Land of the Dead (also known as George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead) is a horror film by director George A. Romero, the fourth of Romero’s six Living Dead movies.

The story of Land of the Dead deals with a zombie assault on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a feudal-like government exists. The survivors in the film have fled to the city. The city is protected on three sides by a large river and on the other by an electric barricade.

I must mention a powerful movie cast in this zombie movie. It has many famous faces in it, which is kind of rare in the zombie horror genre (newly released Zombieland excluded): Dennis Hopper, Simon Baker, Asia Argento and John Leguizamo just add another dimension to this movie and make it very watchable.

This time around, mankind is pretty well organized in the zombie apocalypse and manage to keep their “civilized” way of life. The plot offers nothing spectacular and new, but there is still many fun and interesting moments. The blood and gore are on the usual George Romero’s high standards with plenty of new and inventive kills!

This is a very solid zombie flick and I trust that no zombie fan will be disappointed. A good 6.5/10!

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