Legacy of the Living (Blood, Brains and Bullets) – Book 2

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Legacy of the Living (Blood, Brains and Bullets)

Sean Liebling’s new book is out. It is called Legacy of the Living (Blood, Brains and Bullets). It is a direct sequel to the book Blood, Brains and Bullets and continues to follow the adventures and survival of ex United States Marine Core sniper Jay on his path of the ultimate alpha male in the run down zombie apocalypse stricken world. The book features A LOT of graphic violence and sex… so reader discretion is advised :)

Here’s a little bit more info about the first book and the second book:

“In Book One, Jay pulled the town of Newaygo together, helped a National Guard unit, executed a rogue preacher bent on pulling the newly-formed community apart, and was named interim governor for the State of Michigan. Along the way he accumulated three girlfriends while making sure his young children survived.

Book Two continues on, beginning with the aftermath of a devastating zombie attack. As the town mourns the loss of many of their near and dear ones, Jay and his military personnel are faced with the chilling discovery that the zombies have evolved—have become even more clever and cunning. And they seem to be focusing their attacks on the children of the survivors!

Jay knows that in order to survive the influx of the multitudes of undead hordes, as well as the anticipated attacks by the Shadow Government, he must be ready. He does not intend to lose any more of his people. Under his direction, Newaygo’s ever-expanding group of survivors dig in and begin rebuilding. Their numbers have increased to the point that nearby Fremont is cleared and designated a new home for incoming survivors. Master Sergeant Darin Trask begins intense weapons training of Jay’s people, including Jay’s girls…”

What are you waiting for… go check out JAY THE MAN! :)

Book 1 is currently on sale btw if yo havent read the first part. ENJOY!


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