Lockdown E-book

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We have a project on crowdfunder for all you zombie fanatics!



Lockdown E-book

This is what Samie has to say about her project:


“Lockdown will be one of the first outbreak Ebooks to feature elements of video, photography and artists work.

I am looking to raise £500 through Crowdfunder to help make this happen! I want to create the best project possible and to do this, I’ll need funding! Your money will go towards:

  • Artwork
  • Technical Equipment
  • Make Up and Special Effects
  • Locations
  • Publishing, etc

The plot centres around Leah, a normal girl-next-door as she struggles to deal with the AM13 (commonly nicknamed zombie) virus outbreak: Putting everyone into quaratine seems a bit of an overreaction, but is the alternative (being free, but amongst the infected) really any better?”

We like this mixing of various artwork methods and hope you do to, so please go and find out more about the project and support Samie’s work HERE!

Oh yeah… almost forgot, check out the trailer

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