Making Movie History!

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If one of your life goals is to finance a movie, this is you chance to do so!

John Sedlack is making a short zombie movie, Solitude, and needs your help!

The film takes place approximately 15-20 years after the zombie apocalypse, and centers around one man who has been surviving for over a decade on his own.



The focus is on his struggle to survive while dealing with the heavy emotional trauma of losing his family and being an endangered species, a title that man-kind thought would never apply to them.

The story is progressed through the use of flashbacks as the sights an sounds of the forest trigger our protagonist’s memories of his family and the start of the outbreak, allowing the

audience to piece together what has happened.

The film will be approximately 7-10 minutes long and will be shot entirely on 35mm film stock.

The funds will be used for renting the equipment, purchasing the film stock, processing and transfer, special effect make up, food for the cast and crew, and the fees associated with


The end goal of this film is to submit it to all of the major festivals, Sundance, Tribeca, Telluride, SXSW, Toronto, and other international film festivals.

Depending on how well the film is received during it’s festival run, the plan is to submit it to the Academy in hopes of receiving a nomination.

The project is on, it’s really close to reaching its projected budget cost but there are only 4 days left for you to help out, so hurry!!

If you are interested in financing this project, you can do so here Solitude The Movie.




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