Nerf Zombie

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For all us lovers of Nerf wars and weapons, the day has arrived. Hasbro has issued a line of Zombie Nerf Weapons called “Zombie Strike” which are now available through Amazon and not only Target.

The target audience are the lovers of Human vs. Zombies games and it features several weapons and various other equipment like grenades and extra ammo. And let me tell you these babies look awesome and are ideal not only for HvZ but also for a casual battle, any Nerf zombie war or for cosplay and Halloween. You will surely be prepared for any zombie that comes your way and attacks you.

Let us start of with the most popular of all Nerf weapons.. THE BLASTER



Nerf Zombie Hammershot Blaster

The Hammershot Blaster is getting awesome reviews with people praising that it is really easy to load and packs a powerful shot!


Secondly we have what should be the primary weapon (but it isn’t cause the Blaster is better and cheaper :D ), The Sledgefire rifle.


Nerf Zombie Sledgefire

Unlike the blaster this weapon is causing problems. People are saying that the rifle is not strong enough and that it is really hard to load. It looks amazing though… but not amazing enough :(.

The Nerf Zombie Machete is next.


Nerf Zombie Machete

I presume this one got into the mix for those silent zombie kills we all love and need.

And for the end we have theĀ  battle “accessories” The Zombie Bombz and and special Zombie Nerf Ammo. I actually like the ammo more than the grenades and bombs cause they got the color just right. The ammo looks amazing.



Nerf Zombie Bombs


Nerf Zombie Ammo


“It’s Zombie Nerf or nothin’!” should be their new slogan. :)

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