New Zombie Card Games

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This week we got contacted by not one but two zombie enthusiasts trying to develop zombie card games. Check their projects out on kickstarter and help if you can!

First up is Zombie House Blitz – Tabletop Card Game , a speed zombie card game.



Zombie House Blitz

“As Zombie House Evacuation Specialists, you have been assigned to rescue 10 people from a local safe house. While awaiting escape cars, you are swarmed by others trying to escape the zombies. Do you stop and help them? How long can your 10 survivors wait in the safe house?”

Check out their video

Second up is Zombie Origin Deck, a 52 card deck of cards with custom full color illustration on all the face cards and artistically created suit icons to match the genre.

“This is not just another deck of cool illustrated cards, this is the last deck your living body will ever need!  Man Made Games brings you the Zombie Origin Limited Edition deck.  Each illustration is carefully mastered to represent one of the standard four branches of Zombies: Classic Zombies, Voodoo, Science gone mad, B-Movie favorites.”



Zombie Origin Deck



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