Obligatory Apocalypse Post!

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We figured we wouldn’t be much of a zombie site if there weren’t at least one post on the approaching apocalypse.
As we don’t yet know what is coming in two days time, we are going to assume the end is coming in the shape of the dead rising from their graves. After all, that’s what we are all about. So, in case you haven’t been preparing all these years for the inevitable, here’s a collection of all the things you’ll need:


Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit


Secure Your Home!



Select The Right Transportation Device



Know Your Surroundings

Select Your Perfect Weapon

Indian War Club Slingshot Spear Handgun Crossbow Baseball Bat Knife

Know What To Do

How To Survive A Zombie Attack



How To kill A Zombie



And Remember:

And Always Ask Yourself What Would Shaun Do?

And Always Ask Yourself What Would Shaun Do?


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