Outbreak: Undead

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We’d like to present you a tabletop pen and paper zombie RPG.

Outbreak: Undead is a tabletop pen & paper Zombie Survival Simulation RPG; a game like Dungeons and Dragons or GURPS.

It is only for the truly hardcore zombie fans ;).

Included in Outbreak: Undead, players will find:
• A simple and unique percentile based combat system
• Everyday items that can be used as weapons! You’ll soon find that
anything and everything can be used to destroy the undead.
• Endless scenario types, with the ability to form missions from any and all existing zombie lore and fan-fiction
• Easy-to-use charts that can be used to customize outbreak scenarios for players of all levels of experience
• Dynamic rule-sets, designed to turn the game into a simulation,
including realistic factors such as “Panic,” “Pain,” and “Empathy”
• Character templates for all survivor archetypes, such as firemen, military personnel, and civilians.

The core rulebook of Outbreak: Undead consists of a player’s guide, a game-master’s guide, and a zombie guide.  Everything you need to play is contained in one place. The convenience of three books in one!

The people behind the game have even proposed a test of sorts to “transform” you from real life into the game.

Go check it out at:


The game has been around for for some time now, and soon in 2012 they’ll be making an animal expansion; called Wild Kingdom. Zombie animals, that’s a challenge!

Outbreak: Undead


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