Play Dead

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A group of local filmmakers in Miami were commissioned by the Borscht Film Festival to write and shoot a short film that tells a unique Miami story. Influenced by the roller coaster thrills of a good horror movie and the classic storytelling themes repeated in some of their favorite Disney films.

They finally decided to blend those two concepts together, and what came out of it is their most ambitious project to date: Play Dead.

Zombies roam the streets in the days and nights following a horrific new virus which is wreaking havoc in Miami. Pitched gun battles and burning streets provide a backdrop for a ragtag band of dogs who are determined to survive.

Immune to the epidemic, they must stick together to survive in the midst of ferocious undead and human survivors. Sit. Stay. Play dead…

This is an a very interesting idea, putting dogs in the middle of the zombie apocalypse certainly brings something new to the zombie movie genre and we can’t wait to see it.

Check out the amazing trailer for the movie:

If you like this interesting concept, you could help these guys out by co-financing this project here.

“People want to see Homeward Bound meets a zombie apocalypse, they just don’t know it yet.”


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