Securing Your Home

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This section of articles will provide useful information for your survival in the case of a zombie outbreak or apocalypse. We’ll assist you in your planning and preparing for the upcoming carnage, but in a subtle way – you wouldn’t want your neighbours to think you’re paranoid, now would you? The one place you can start preparing as soon as today is your own home. So, we’ll start there!

Preparing your home

Naturally, no house is completely zombie-proof but some types are more secure than others. Nevertheless, all homes can be fortified in order to provide you with adequate security.

Home Improvement Against Zombies

Weak spots

Naturally, windows and doors are the first things that need to be secured. For those who live in apartments higher than first-floor should mainly concentrate on doors. Doors should be solid, steel or full wood with steel frames. In case of a serious outbreak or apocalypse, doors should be boarded up and barricaded.  Same rule applies for windows as well except those who find shelter in places above ground level. Then you can easily enjoy the sunlight as the undead do not possess the ability to climb!

If you have a front yard with a fence and gates, be sure to secure them first. Your secure piece of fertile land can become your new and only food source. Check the gates, oil them up, put a new lock, they just might save your life! The fence should be at least 7 feet high. It doesn’t have to be a brick wall, simple wood or wire fence is enough.

So, give your home a check up, inspect your surroundings and examine and fix your basic weak spots! Next week find out how to properly stock up for the upcoming apocalypse!

And remember kids: When in doubt, decapitate!

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