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A slingshot can be very deadly when used by trained users. This isn’t a beginners weapon! It should be used against zombies only by people who have mastered it.



Trumark Folding Slingshot




You might think that they’re not powerful enough to stop a zombie but keep in mind that zombies are slowly decomposing; they are more fragile than humans.
Plus, imagine a .50 caliber steel slingshot ammo used by an experienced user with a good and powerful slingshot… pure mayhem!



.50 cal slingshot ammo looks like…

… like something you don’t want to get hit with!

Tactically the slingshot is to be used in short to medium ranges. It is silent enough to be used for single kills but ammo retrieval is a big no no. If its in the skull, leave it in the skull… you’ll only cut yourself or loose precious time.
Reloading is more easier than with a crossbow so it can be used on smaller groups or while retreating.  You should have a fair amount of bands to be used when repairing your slingshot and enough ammo. The slingshot is by far the most grateful weapon ammo wise; if and when you use all your ammo, you just have to look around to find more ammo (unless you’re in a desert :D ).
We’re not slingshot experts, but if you want to know more check out some of Jörge Sprave’s videos, he is a true slingshot guru and has done a fair share of zombie videos.

If you’re gonna make a homemade slingshot, please listen to this man and be very careful cause we need you for the zombie apocalypse!

Please share your experience with slinghots with us if you have any. Thank you!


Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!



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