The Best Zombie Video Game Ever?!

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The island of Banoi is a lush, tropical paradise in the South Pacific where its flagship Royal Palms Resort serves as the ultimate getaway for vacationers with money to burn.

However, all good things must soon come to an end – and the picturesque resort falls into madness, carnage and chaos after a mysterious and contagious zombie outbreak claims its once peaceful atmosphere.

Cut off from the rest of the world, only four individuals who strangely find themselves immune to zombification have the power to protect the remaining survivors from the horrors of the island, to discover what’s really going on and find a way to escape before their own fatal ends.

Dead Island is an open world video game in development by Techland for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, scheduled for a late 2011 release. It is centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested island with a major emphasis on melee combat.

The trailer fot the video game is one of the best this author has seen in a long time! See for yourself!

This game has produced so much hype that rumors about making the game into a movie have already started circling around!

While no decision has been made yet regarding Dead Island’s movie rights, Deep Silver is currently looking through a vast amount of inquiries.

Key for the decision is a focus on the quality of the resulting motion picture: ‘We are looking for quality above all else for a movie based on Dead Island. We want to do it the right way as film realizations of games (or vice versa) usually fail to deliver what the fans were looking for.

We will not go down this route with Dead Island. Deep Silver profoundly believes in the quality and value of its Dead Island IP,’ says Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver’s parent company Koch Media.

‘We would therefore be honored to work with someone who already has a proven track record with blockbuster movies.’”

We’ll just have to be patient with this one!


  1. Zombie Dude February 21, 2011 12:36 pm 

    Dead Island looks promising. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. yutri 101 February 22, 2011 11:46 pm 

    looks like a great game (release date august 1) posting thier official website thx for the awsome website john

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