The Crossbow

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I own a crossbow and was really excited about writing this article. However, when I started writing this article it all quickly came to a full stop. You see, Daryl Dixon from the

Walking Dead made all the work before me. I am completely serious!

Therefore, I will quote him.

Daryl Dixon wrote:

“This crossbow has really helped us out during our situation with all of the dang walkers. This has saved my life many times, especially during my hunt for Sophia. Silent, fast, and deadly. This is a great crossbow. “

He also wrote this:
“Actually a lot better constructed than I originally thought as there are other crossbows that have about the same amount of draw that are more expensive. Lets get one thing straight, this will kill! make sure that if you have kids, you keep your bolts and bow locked up until you have adequately trained them on weapon safety. Back to the bow, if your significant other intends to use it, make sure they are strong enough, as the draw is pretty tight. The red dot sight is not adjustable so it’s a bit of a gimmick, but close enough to your prey, you may not need it anyway, although it does raise the “cool” factor a touch. As most walking dead fans know, this is the same crossbow Daryl
Dixon uses during the show and probably sold tons of these for Horton. “

There’s also a line in there from a “Walkers” perspective.

You don’t trust me? Ok, just click the link to the Horton Scout crossbow and read his review.

29.7.2013. UPDATE:

The actual crossbow is no longer available but there still are a few texts by Daryl:


Horton Crossbow

The Horton Scout HD 125 Red Dot Crossbow Package


Not to embarass myself completely.. I do have a few tips for you crossbow enthusiasts.

If buying a cheap crossbow, buy yourself atleast 1 extra stave (the thing that holds the string) cause after a lot of time there’s a chance it could bend.

Never leave your crossbow string cocked. You’ll weaken the crossbow’s strength.

Plastic bolts are complete shit, use them only for target practice and do that with a proper target. Even if you kill a zed, the plastic will eventually break from the strength of the impact

and you won’t be able to retrieve any part of the bolt.

Crossbow pistols though cool looking are only effective at short ranges, say about 10 yards to a maximum of 20 yards if you’re really good at using them; I am talking about headshots here.

Also, unlike the standard crossbows which have the draw weight around 100 to over 200 lbs, making them shoot bolts at over 300 feet per second, the crossbow pistols have about 50 to

80 lbs draw weight which means a bolt flying at roughly about 150 feet per second.

If you’re looking for a best buy proper crossbow then the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow is for you:

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow


Unless you want something like this:

The Ghost by Barnett…. weighing 8 pounds and with a draw weight of 185 pounds this crossbow is pretty much what everyone of us needs. Am I wrong?


Barnett Ghost Crossbow



and don’t forget to get extra bolts… so you don’t have to make them from twigs and branches like Daryl :D

Crossbow Bow


You also might enjoy this funny YoutTube “training” clip with Norman Reedus





Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!

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  1. Rui April 17, 2012 9:17 pm 

    Looks like the crossbow on the link “doesnt exist” . You may want to check out that. Overall I really liked the review

  2. Brad R Williams May 16, 2014 5:11 pm 

    I’ve owned this crossbow for over years and it really impressed me. I like it very much and your review as well.

  3. Olivia July 30, 2016 2:05 am 

    Can u change out the scopes on these horton 125hd

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