The Killer Elite

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The zombie apocalypse has always been portrayed as a hopeless, gloom and depressing scenario.

We’re not saying that it isn’t, it’s pretty messed up but at least we can provide you with some guide lines and, in this case, some role models.

This a closer look into some real historical figures that have excelled in the field of disposing human beings, a.k.a. potential zombies!

Humans have a decent chance of surviving the unavoidable zombie apocalypse. I say that with strong faith as I’ve read what you’re about to read. Of course, there will be casualties and our civilization will be crippled or even destroyed.. but we will go on. We will survive thanks to individual bravery and courage. In modern history there have been people who would make Rambo tremble.

All of  their accomplishments have been witnessed and documented.

Imagine some of these individuals fighting zeds and remember, zeds don’t fire back!

Chris Kyle “the Devil of Ramadi”

Chris Kyle the Devil of Ramadi

A US Navy SEAL marksman who served from 1999. to 2009., he is credited with 255 kills of which 160 are confirmed by the Pentagon itself. During the Battle of Fallujah he killed 40
enemies. He is credited for killing an enemy soldier at the distance of 1.2 miles with his sniper rifle.

He is on this list not only for his awesome sniper capabilities (head shots included) but also because of a rare trait snipers usually do not posses. He considers all of his victims as savages and shows no remorse. Snipers usually show respect for their victims and consider them warriors.

Kyle’s lack of remorse could only help him when zombies come a knocking.

Chris Kyle Autobiography



Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Best Female Sniper

Lyudmila is the best female sniper of all times. She is credited with 309 kills. She attained the rank of Major in the Red Army during the second World War. Other than her impressive kill count she is most famous for her “work” during the Battle of Odessa where she achieved 187 kills during the time of only 2 and a half months and for being an excellent counter sniper; she defeated 36 enemy snipers.

She is on this list not only because of her kill count which surpasses other more famous male snipers (Vasily Zaytsev for instance had 242 kills), but also  because she was a woman. She volunteered for war when such a thing was extremely rare which only proves her extreme courage.

Russian Women in the War



Audie Murphy “Shorty”

Audie Murphy

Nicknamed Shorty, firstly this guy is Captain America in my book. Seriously, his life story is that of Captain America! He started applying at the age of 16 when he was only 5’5″ and weighed 110 pounds. First the Marines laughed to his face and rejected him, then the Air Force did the same. But this wasn’t the end for Captain… um.. Audie, he finally got into the Army where they wanted him to be a cook after he started passing out at training!

While in Italy he proved he was a decent shot and got promoted to corporal, he also contracted malaria there and he would have it for the rest of the war. In Southern France a machine gun crew killed his friend and he went completely berserk; he killed the entire crew, used their weapons to clear out two more machine gun nests, killed several snipers… and everything else in a 100-yard radius.

6 months later he again proved he was a complete bad-ass. Audie and 18 more men were ordered to defend a critical position and when the Germans started attacking he sent all his men to the rear and started shooting with his M1 Garand at the enemy. He ran out of bullets so he decided to climb a burning M10 tank proceeded to kill a bunch of enemies (including one full squad of German infantry who crawled in a ditch to within 100 feet of his position).

At the same time he was organizing artillery strikes against his enemies. After being wounded and after his telephone line to the artillery got cut he quickly organized
a counter attack and drove the enemy from the position.

Audie Murphy Autobiography



Simo Hayha “The White Death”

Simo Hayha The White Death

Simo Hayha has the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills EVER. He “scored” an incredible confirmed 505 sniper kills. He also killed nearly 200 men with his submachine gun… 700 hundred confirmed kills… and some estimations surpass 800! Like the previously mentioned Captain Audie America Simo was also of very small stature (5’3″). He was shot in the head and woke up from his coma the day peace was declared with the Russians.

Simo is credited with various tricks of the sniper trade. He used to put snow inside his mouth so the enemy could not see his breath. He preffered not to use his rifle scope cause the sun could reflect from it and give away his position and also he was a smaller target without his scope.
He perfected his white camouflage and used to press down the snow around him so that when he fired his rifle the snow would not jump around him in a cloud which would give away his location. After the war he moved to a village right next to the Russian border.

A sniper that doesn’t need a scope and has a mindset that could keep him hidden from ANYONE and ANYTHING!
The perfect headshot machine.

Simo Hayha Biography



Heinrich Severloh “Beast of Omaha Beach”

Heinrich Severloh Beast of Omaha Beach

While American soldiers were landing on Omaha Beach Heinrich had the perfect defensive postion and used it. During the course of a single day he had killed and injured anywhere between 1000 and 2000 American soldiers.

He fired his MG42 machine gun until the barell melted then changed the barell and repeated the process. He fired over 12000 rounds with his MG42!
After that he used 2 98k carabine rifles to fire over 400 bullets.

He survived the war.

Heinrich had what it took to be a zombie killer… he was the first to start shooting and the last one to stop.
For 9 hours he kept firing. He survived by retreating and hiding.

Heinrich Severloh Autobiography





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