The New Walking Dead Season Preview!

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A new trailer for the upcoming third season of the Walking Dead has been released!

And by the looks of it, it’ s going to be the best season yet!

Lots of action guaranteed!


All of you who haven’t read the comic book series, you’re in for a treat!

New season brings new characters (you already saw Michionne in the last episode of season two) and new surroundings.

I guess it’s no longer a secret: it takes place inside a prison!

You can all see it here:



I hope you’re all excited as we are!

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  1. Abbie July 22, 2012 11:23 pm 

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! I LOVE THE WALKING DEEEADDD!!!! Is Maul back??? i thought he was dead back when he got chained on the roof i think in the 1st season?? October 14th cant come soon enough!!!!!

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