The Wrecking Bar

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Please… stay a while… and meet our new friend:



The Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III



The best wrecking bar available.
The FUBAR wrecking bar!


The Stanley wrecking bar is a multi-purpose tool (weapon) designed for demolition and complete destruction. When I say multi-purpose I am not talking about the many many… many wonderful ways it can be used to crack a zombies skull; I am talking about the number of function this baby can do besides zombie killing. The “pry bar vs. crow bar”a argument goes out the window as the wrecking bar is here!

1. You can use it as a pry bar to open anything from supply crates to locked/barricaded buildings.

2.  It can be used as a great hammer to construct various objects.

3. Both of the sides of the tool can be used as an effective weapon; on one side you have the hammer and on the other a prying bar (a crowbar). AWESOME!

4. The jaws can be used to twist whatever you want to twist.

5. The length gives you the option of pushing the zombies away.


If you’re living in an urban area and will need to scavenge to survive,  this tool will save you space and weight as it serves as 2-3 weapons and tools in one. If it is a bit too pricey… I’m sorry but you’ll have to do with the plain old wrecking bar AKA the crowbar.


TEKTON Wrecking Bar

It costs under 10 bucks but is a lifesaver… or taker.





Find everything you need on Amazon!

Find everything you need on Amazon!


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  1. john tulev July 26, 2015 6:28 am 

    I thought this was the best tool ever until |I broke it in half. Very disappointed that it broke right in half when trying to pry out roots.

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