Things to do when you’re bit

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Everyone always talks about what you should do to survive a zombie apocalypse and don’t get me wrong, that’s excellent! It’s just that most of us will probably become zombies very fast either by a cruel luck of the draw or because of our stupidity. Before we actually become zombies we must be bit and die or die of other causes and return as the living dead (depending on the type of zombie apocalypse faith has in store for us).

Anyways…. what should we do if we stumble into this sort of situation? If there is no one to shoot us in the head and we have plenty of spare time; a scratch on the arm or a small bite on the leg could give us HOURS!

Here is our top 5 “I’ve been bit game over, what now!?” list:

1. Paint a target on your forehead. Funny AND helpful!


2. Tie yourself to something strong and sturdy so you can’t go walking around biting and infecting survivors… or wasting their ammo.


3.  Write something on your shirt. You can go funny style and write stuff like: “Thanks for killing me… it got boring.”, “Remember to double tap!”, “Eligible for lab experiments.” “I was just minding my own business”  etc…    You can write helpful factual messages like “Hidden supplies at _____ coordinates.” “Safehouse at _____ coordinates”; just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t save a life.


4. Go on a zombie killing spree! Take down as much zeds as you can before your demise or if you were with a group of survivors try to distract the zombies so they get away safely, it’s common courtesy and shows you’re good people.

5.  Put a ball gag in your mouth. Think about it; you will be free to roam the wastelands but will inflict no harm to anyone.  A pacifist zombie.



The ultimate zombie stopper

This is an important part of the upcoming zombie struggle, lives could be saved. What are some of your ideas?

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  1. TheWaffleGuy February 10, 2013 4:08 am 

    I think if you get bitten and your on the top of a building is to JUMP!

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