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And now the best part: the candy! The ultimate goal of every Halloween is the candy rush, and this is my favorite part of zombie inspired Halloween. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into a delicious jell-o brain?! Or maybe brain cupcakes? And if you want to provide some extra shock, just serve some fake blood packs for everyone to suck on.

Whether you’re making a party and want to spice it up or just wanna have fun with the local kids, these items will definitely do the trick!


Zombie Character Suckers (1 dz)

Resident Evil Candy Tin Umbrella Corporation Outbreak Mints

Cake Decorating Zombie Hand Picks – 6 count

Halloween Zombie Cupcake Kit

Brains! Cupcake Kit

Hand Gelatin Mold

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

Energy Drink Zombie Survival

Zombie Blood Energy Potion Pack

Blood Energy Potion

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