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Another great thing about Halloween is tricking people. And, in my opinion the easiest way is grossing someone out. And that’s were zombies come in handy. Just whip out your fake intestines, put a fake heart in your hand and stroll down your block. You can find fake everything here: fake blood, fake teeth, fake arms and legs, even fake intestines.

If you find anything you want, simply click on the image to get it.

Zombie Severed Foot Halloween Prop

Human Heart Prop: Life-size Foam-filled Latex Halloween Decoration

Zombie Arm Club Prop

Zombie Gloves – Adult Std.

Zombie Blood Capsules (Black) Accessory

Zombie Bloody Intestines Prop

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Zombie Shop Zipper Kit, Silver/Red, One Size

Zombie Rotted Teeth 3pk Accessory

Zombie Bag Of Limbs Prop

Zombie Leg Club Prop

Zombie’s Eyes Kit Without Eye

Theatrical Effects Lead Poison

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