Upcoming Movies – Heads Up #3

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Here are more exciting zombie movie announcements:

1. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Seth Grahame-Smith is the writer of the novel which will be directed David O. Russell (you might know his work from the Three Kings, remember those gun shot explanatory scenes; awesome!). Even though the movie is very far away; 2011.. just because Natalie Portman is starring in it will make the wait so sweet. I mean – admit it! Who doesn’t want to see Natalie Portman with zombies?!?

2. Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil Afterlife moviePaul W.S. Anderson is doing it again, and so is Milla Jovovich, which is cool, cause she knows how to kill zombies.. and is hot! And the tagline is: “She’s back…And she’s bringing a few of her friends.” I wonder if there’ll be a Resident Evil 5…6…7 movie?

The plot continues from where the third movie ended. Alice has been roaming the world searching for any remaining survivors. As she enters the ruined Los Angeles, she stumbles onto a prison surrounded by zombies. She then teams up with a group of survivors who had been hiding in Los Angeles since the T-virus outbreak and helps them break out other survivors held within the jail which include Claire’s brother Chris Redfield.

It’s coming out the 10th of September 2010.

3. Versus

Versus is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and should come out in 2010. It is a remake of the 2000 film also named Versus and also directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. Maybe he’ll make a new one in 2020, who knows?

The plot of the original Versus from 2010: Set in the present where a group of ruthless gangsters, an unknown woman and an escaped convict have met, unwittingly, in The Forest of Resurrection, the 444th portal to the other side. Their troubles start when those once killed and buried in the forest come back from the dead, with the assistance of the evil Sprit that has also come back, come back from ages past, to claim his prize.

It’s a cult movie and you should watch it! Ok? Ok!

4. Wake the Dead

An adaptation of Steve Niles’modern-day Frankenstein graphic novel. A young man named Victor who works to reverse death, even if it means using spare parts from some of his friends.

Sounds fun and it’s due to be finished in 2010.

5. The Walking Dead

It’s not a movie, it’s a series that’s supposed to come out in 2010. The writer is (thank GOD!) Robert Kirkman who also does the comic book series – check our zombie comic book section for more info – I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I just pray and hope the series is half of what the comic series is.

6. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is very far away, 2012 to be exact. Jonathan Levine is going to be the writer and the director of the movie based on the zombie romance novel by Isaac Marion.

While you’re waiting for the movie trailer here’s a trailer for the book:

7. World War Z

It’s supposed to come out in 2010. J. Michael Straczynski wrote the screenplay which is now being re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and although Marc Forster was supposed to be the director, they’re looking for a new one. Allegedly the film follows Gerry Lane as he travels the post-war world and interviews survivors of the zombie war who are “starting to wonder if survival is a victory of any kind.” One of the first interviews is with Dr. Tsai, the first to encounter the zombies.

Keep your fingers crossed Hollywood makes an effort with this one.

8. World War of the Dead

World War Of The Dead movieIn the last days of World War II, an uncharted force returns the dead to life. As a newborn war between the dead and the living rages on, three men hold the key to defeating them. Will they be up to the task before all of FRG and the world start to the hungry set of the undead?

It’s based upon the novel with the same title by Eric S. Brown. Little is known on this project.

9. Zero Dark Thirty

A U.S. Army solider returns home from the Middle East…in body only. Soon, his quiet small town is gripped by strange and violent events.

The theatrical release will be announced in 2010.

10. Zombie Massacre

Remember the video game Zombie Massacre from 1998? Well Uwe Boll does and he’s making the movie, which by his words should be done by the end of 2010. The plot revolves around three punk rockers and a police officer. They have to fight their way to a city – filled with zombies – with their old-timer, on which they transport a nuclear bomb, which should detonate in the city, to destroy the zombies. – PURE AWESOME!! :D

11. Zombie Roadkill

Zombie Roadkill centers around a group of college kids as they are driving on an unfamiliar road.
Everything seems fit for a road trip to the lake but, when the group accidentally runs over an unsuspecting squirrel, they quickly realize there will be a price to pay. The cursed road brings the zombie squirrel back to life to haunt the kids.  After the kids crash and everyone is injured except the younger brother, he is forced to set out on a journey to defeat the ancient curse and save his brother and friends before it is too late.

It will be done in spring 2010 and will be available on the FEARnet website and the FEARnet On Demand VOD network.


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