Vote now, save your life later!

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Do you remember the guys from Architects Southwest and their Zombie Safe House Competition from last year?

Well, the competition is open this year as well and it is considerably bigger!

From a dozen designs last year the competition has risen to over 200 submitted projects this year!

The organization has tasked artists, architects and other zombie enthusiasts with one goal: Design a haven that can withstand a full-on zombie assaulton civilization as we know it.

Design entries so far are varied and imaginative, to say the least. A top contender right now is the Zombie Ranch, a zombie-powered vertical farm. As per the design, humans live in a spiral housing system above ground, safely out of harm’s reach; down below, zombies run around in circles trying to catch hanging bait traps, all the while turning a turbine that provides energy for the humans in the ranch.

Other entries include portable houses that travel through the air by balloon, structures floating atop abandoned oil rigs in the Antarctic and zombie fortresses built into mountain cliffs.

In the end who will save mankind from the Zombie Apocalypse? It is our belief that artists, designers, and architects will need to weigh in heavily to provide Safe Houses that can stand an assault on civilization.

So guys, go check out these brilliant designs and vote here for the one you like the most. It may save your life one day!



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