Walking Dead Hits Hard!!

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Well boys and girls, it’s finally out! The new AMC series The Walking Dead aired last night!

So, for all of you uninformed, here are the essentials:

The Walking Dead is a comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. It first came out in 2003. when it was published by Image Comics and it now counts 78 issues.

The story is set around Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy from a small town in Kentucky and his efforts to cope with a full scale zombie apocalypse. I’m not giving any more deatails, go and buy the comic, you’ll get hooked, I guarantee it!

So, about the series.

In this writer’s opinion, it is the next big thing! The series is very well produced, the special effects are impressive and the acting is very solid. Obviously, due to the nature of the show, there is lots of blood and gore. The zombie makeup is one of the best i’ve seen on screen so far. The only problem of this series for me, and everyone who read the comic, is that you basically know what’s going to happen next. Still, it’s nice to see such an excellent piece of art finally put on the screen. And for all of you who haven’t read the comic, I can only imagine how much you’ll enjoy following this show. It will blow your mind (no pun intented)!

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