Wasting Away (2007)

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Turning the zombie film on its head, “Wasting Away” is an oddball comedy from the perspective of the brain munching monsters themselves. This is an independent film from California, with a fairly low budget of $1m, but it’s nearly impossibly to tell this from the finished product, which is bright, ballsy and polished.

The movie shows life from the perspectives of the zombies themselves. They assume they look and behave completely normal, but in fact they are disorientated and steadily rotting cadavers. This concept indeed sounds silly and even more implausible as regular zombie action, but it’s undeniably innovative and particularly Kohnen’s illustration of the world through zombie eyes is extremely ingenious.

Wasting Away takes some pretty simple ideas and approaches and make them work wonderfully. While being completely silly in a completely amusing way, it still manages to make you feel for the characters – well, a bit – which isn’t always a given in less-than-serious works.

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