Water Zombies

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Water Zombies Tale Of The Hill People

When you’ve read as much zombie fiction as I have you get kinda numb (you know, like a zombie :D ) and when you read new stuff you flick through it or
your eyes just roll over a few pages without your brain even realizing that you have no idea what you’ve just read and what your eyes have seen. And you have to go back a few pages and start all over.
With Water Zombies I did not have that problem. In fact, during my first read of this novel I had to stop to ask my brain a few questions…

Like: “How did you not see that?” or “Why didn’t you think of that first!?”

On it’s mere 72 pagesĀ Water Zombies brings more outrageous twists, thrills AND chills than many zombie books and novels do. It is packed with action and a few truly memorable zombie kills. At the same time the graphic novel will make you laugh while bringing out a philosophical question or two! And i don’t mean the same old “How can I kill my brother, friend, mom?!” type of questions we’ve been faced with for the last 40 years in EVERY zombie fiction, be it movie or comic books; I am glad to see there are still authors out there who use the “zombie platform” to voice their opinions on issues such as consumerism or the military industrial complex.

The black and white artwork is quite good and on times on par with The Walking Dead. There are a few images which show there’s still room for improvement in Rob Arcehy’s work, but nothing serious.

All in all, grab this one if you can. You’ll get on a ride you won’t soon forget!



  1. Rob Archey November 27, 2013 11:57 pm 

    Water Zombies: Tale of the Hill People is available at Amazon.com, as well as Barnes and Noble on-line. You may also order it at OutskirtsPress.com book store. The Walking Dead meets Water World! Phoenix flooded! Rogue military officials and the Swimming Dead! It’s a zombie story you’ve never experienced before. I hope you enjoy the book! Rob.

  2. jeffreydale December 3, 2013 8:32 pm 

    Not sure how walkers would survive in water like that.. hmm. Should be interesting.

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