ZEDS Zombie Collectibles

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We at ZombiePlace just love when a good kickstarter or other kind of crowdfunding zombie project comes our way! ZEDS Zombie Collectibles is one of those projects. It is being done from Los Angeles by a couple of zombie enthusiasts artists.

They say images speak a thousand words so check out this cool zombie collectible which will soon be available:

ZEDS Zombie Collectibles

ZEDS Zombie Collectibles

Ok! Now isn’t that an incredible bust? It is one of the best and goriest we’ve ever seen! The details are amazing and quite eerie…. which is good, for a zombie statue :D.


If you haven’t already clicked the image above to go to the kickstarter page please check out their video and visit their page to see more cool details about the process in which these hand-made limited collectibles will be made.

ZEDS Zombie Collectibles  needs your help so go do your part!


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