Zombie Accessories

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We are constantly looking for various cool zombie items and in this section we bring you items such as zombie socks, zombie dresses or zombie wallets. All kinds of accessories not suited for the faint of hear and made for people with a sense of humor ;).

Be sure to take a look!


We’re not quite sure why this really pretty wallet is called the Vegan Zombie Wallet, maybe because it is green? :D Thankfully noone cares about a wallets name…



Zombie Vegan Wallet

We’ve also found a bunch of other wallets, both male and female. My favorite is the leather zombie wallet. Check out the “stitches” and the detail.


Bloody Zombies Hinge Wallet


Leather Zombie-Wallet


Keep Calm And Zombie On Wallet


Zombie Camo Wallet



Nothing says cute so much as zombie unicorns! Sure we can debate about cats and what not but come on… zombie unicorns!11! Adorable. And now imagine this awesome dress with these Hipster zombie glasses. Do we know our stuff? Huh? :D

Zombie Unicorns Dress

Zombie Unicorns Dress


Bloody Zombie Adult Glasses


Also girls… do not forget your zombie socks!

Knee High Zombie Socks

Knee High Zombie Socks


And now for us boys…

Some say a tie can separate boys from men and well… one thing is for sure. Every man has a tie.┬áBut not everyone has a tie with the Shaun of the Dead color pattern ;).

Check out this cool looking ties and be careful the zombies don’t grab it… yes, ties are not a very good zombie apocalypse accessory!


The Horde Zombie Tie


Shaun of the Dead Tie

Now lets go get some belts and belt buckles and we’re set.



Zombie Outbreak Response Team Belt Buckle


Walking Dead Belt

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