Zombie Android Apps 2

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Zombie Claus

Zombie Claus


Use angry reindeer to bounce Zombie Claus through crazy holiday obstacles so he can collect elf brains.


Call of Doodle: Zombies

Call of Doodle Zombies


In Call of Doodle: Zombies, you defend a package, which holds the key to human survival…. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?


GRave Defense Silver – Free

GRave Defense Silver


Zombies and horrifying mutants are running amok, and you are humanity’s only hope to stop this wave of evil.


ZombieBooth – Free



With this advanced facial-recognition technology, you can easily make the people in your photos appear as slavering brain eaters.


Minecraft Skins Pro: Pirates & Zombies

Minecraft Skins Pro Pirates Zombies


This app offers pirate- and zombie-themed skins.


Livestock Vs The Undead Lite – Free

Livestock Vs The Undead Lite

In Livestock Vs The Undead Lite, the farm is under attack by an all-out invasion from hordes of gruesomely reanimated dead, and the animals aren’t going to take it lying down.

Zombie Hand

Zombie Hand

Put and keep your hand in the circle. When blade drops, release your finger as fast as you can.

EggFarm LineUp – Free

EggFarm LineUp

Eliminate or cure infected eggs with various items acquired with golden eggs in this puzzle game.


Zombie Rider

Zombie Rider


Navigate your motorcycle-riding zombie in this side-scrolling platform racer.

Zombie Defense

Zombie Defense

Four gritty Texans survived the initial onslaught, and have now banded together to take on the horde of the living dead.


Whack a Zombie

Whack zombies rising from their graves.


BeZombied HD – Free

BeZombied HD

It’s you against a zombie invasion. Are you up for the challenge? BeZombied–destroy all Zombies!

Zombie Heads – Free

Zombie Heads


In Zombie Heads, you need to match up zombie heads as they are tossed into a garbage can.

Obliteration – Free


It’s been 10 years since Zombies first appeared, laying waste to everything. Those lucky enough to be away from the main continents were able to regroup in Greenland and survive.

Starving Zombies

Starving Zombies

Prepare your spatula, frying pan, refrigerator, microwave, etc., and throw it to stop zombies.



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