Zombie Art

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Zombies have been a part of of our culture for over a century, but with the rise of pop culture they have truly immersed themselves into anything and everything. Zombies are no longer only film art; they live outside of that medium now.

We bring you works of art by some very talented individuals.

If you want to bring a touch of zombie into your living room, check out these great paintings!


I am constantly amazed and surprised by other people’s talents. There are quite a few painting here that would perfectly decorate my living room and bedroom! And I know there are more of you out there that share my taste.

Take a look!


Zombie Yin Yang Canvas Print by John Schwegel



Zombie Marilyn Canvas Print by Jeremy Moore



Zombie Bunny Canvas Print by Leah Saulnier



Zombie 2 Canvas Print by Christopher Chouinard



Zombie Unicorn Canvas Print by Jera Sky



Zombie Buddha Canvas Print by Jera-Sky



Kids Are Zombies Too Canvas Print by Jeff DOttavio



Aaarrgg Thats Zombie talk for Mommy Canvas Print by Al Molina



Zombie Apocalypse Canvas Print by Al Molina



Zombie Puppy Canvas Print by John Schwegel



Holy Zombie Canvas Print by Abril Andrade Griffith



Evil Elvis Canvas Print by Tom Deacon





Art truly knows no boundaries… we hope you enjoy our selection of beautiful zombie art!
If you would like to show your work, please contact us.

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