Zombie Books 2

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16.  Among Madmen

Author: Jim Starlin, Daina Graziunas
No one knew what started it. People all around the world and from every walk of life were turning into veges or berserkers. No one was safe – wives, mothers, brothers and sons couldn’t be trusted from one hour to the next. So Tom Laker – ex-Vietnam vet, ex-New York City cop – did the only thing that made any sense. He took his beautiful, sometimes crazy and murderous wife, Maria, and headed for the Catskills. And as head of the police force of the small town of Shandaken, he built a little haven from all the violence. But in a world gone mad, even Shandaken’s peace could only last so long. And the time of peace was about to run out for Shandaken – and for Tom…

17.  Autumn

Author: David Moody
Plot: In less than twenty-four hours a vicious and virulent disease destroys virtually all of the population. Billions are killed. Thousands die every second.
There are no symptoms and no warnings. Within moments of infection each victim suffers a violent and agonizing death. Only a handful of survivors remain. By the end of the first day those survivors wish they were dead.
Then the disease strikes again, and all hell breaks loose…

18.  Autumn: The City

Author: David Moody
Everything that means anything to you is taken away in seconds. No warning. No explanation. Nothing.
AUTUMN: THE CITY is the first sequel to the acclaimed free horror novel AUTUMN.
A virulent disease rips across the face of the planet, killing billions of people in less than twenty-four hours. A small group of survivors cower in fear in the desolate remains of a silent city. As the full extent of the devastation caused by the disease is revealed the desperate people fight to keep thousands upon thousands of plague victims at bay and to continue to survive from day to day. They fight to stay alive.
The unexpected appearance of a company of soldiers again threatens the survivor’s fragile existence. Do they trust this sudden military presence? Will the military bring them hope and answers, or just more fear, pain and destruction?
Far more than an ordinary sequel, AUTUMN: THE CITY expands on the nightmare of the first novel and takes the reader closer to discovering what caused the death of billions of people on a single inauspicious September day.

19.  Autumn: Purification

Author: David Moody
David Moody brings the AUTUMN trilogy to a stunning conclusion.
The survivors from AUTUMN: THE CITY are imprisoned in an underground base, trapped between the door to the outside world and the sealed entrance to the airtight cocoon where hundreds of soldiers sit and wait.
The crowd of bodies on the surface continues to grow in size, drawn there by the heat, light and noise occasionally produced by the people buried underground beneath their rotting feet. The sheer mass of shuffling figures and decaying flesh above them begins to cause problems for the military with vents and exhaust shafts becoming blocked and useless. Soldiers are sent above ground to begin clearing the bodies away.
Encouraged by a relatively successful first strike which is met with little resistance from the corpses, the officers order their troops to the surface again, this time to destroy them all.
Trapped in the middle of a long and bloody battle between the military and the dead, the survivors’ safety is compromised and they are forced to flee the base.
Exposed and vulnerable once again, the group run for their lives without aim or direction.
All hope is gone, but in the rotting shadows of the past they find the key to what remains of their future…

20.  Autumn: The Human Condition

Author: David Moody
The human race is finished. Mankind is all but dead and only a handful of frightened individuals remain. Experience the end of the world from thirty-five different perspectives.
These people have survived through chance, not skill, and they are a desperate bunch; cheating lovers, work-shy civil servants, permanently drunk publicans, teenage rebels, obsessive accountants, failed husbands, first-time cross-dressers, disrobed priests and more…
David Moody presents the final book in the AUTUMN series. Part-companion, part-guide book and part-sequel, AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION follows the individual stories of these desperate survivors through the early days of the nightmare and beyond.

21.  Berserk

Author: Tim Lebbon
Plot: Tom’s son died ten years ago – so they say. Killed in a military training accident on Salisbury Plain and sent home in a sealed coffin. But when Tom gets wind that there was more to the accident than was first revealed, his suspicions are aroused once more. There are no such things as monsters – so they say. Why then, when Tom finds and excavates a mass grave on the plain, does he find skeletons that are far from human, headless, distorted, and chained together? When one of these strange chained skeletons – a child – grabs hold of his arm, his world suddenly changes. Because death is not the end. Sometimes it’s just the beginning.

22.  Bits of the Dead: A Zombie Anthology

Author: Coscom Entertainment
They live.
They die.
They return.
38 authors.
38 gut-wrenching tales.
Flash fiction at its finest, all illustrated by underground favorite Sean Simmans and edited by Keith Gouveia.

23.  Blood Crazy

Author: Simon Clark
Plot: Saturday was a normal day. People went shopping. To the movies. Everything was just as it should be. But not for long. By Sunday, civilisation was in ruins. Adults had become murderously insane. One by one they became infected with a crazed, uncontrollable urge to slaughter the young – even their own children. Especially their own children. Will this be the way the world ends, in waves of madness and carnage? What will be left of our world as we know it? And who, if anyone, will survive? Terror follows terror in this apocalyptic nightmare vision by one of the most powerful talents in modern horror fiction. Prepare yourself for mankind’s final days of fear.

24.  Blood of the Dead: A Zombie Novel (Undead World Trilogy, Book One)

Author: A.P. Fuchs
One year ago, the world came to an end. First came the rain. Then came the screams. Then came the undead. The Haven became the only place in the city free of the walking dead. A place of community. A place to be safe. Now, things have changed. The zombies are coming to the Haven, seeking out the remaining survivors of the human race. Joe Bailey prowls the Haven’s streets, taking them back from the undead, each kill one step closer to reclaiming a life once stolen from him. Billie Friday and Des Nottingham soon have Joe to thank for their lives. As the dead push into the Haven, the trio is forced into the one place where folks fear to tread: the heart of the city, a place overrun with flesh-eating zombies. They soon discover they are not the only humans there. After meeting an old man with a peculiar past, Joe and the others must make one last stand against the undead or unwillingly meet the same fate. A desperate escape leads them to a place thought impossible to exist and to a discovery that will shake the future. Welcome to the end of all things.

25.  Boneman

Author: Lisa W. Cantrell
Plot: Phoenix City detective Jackie Swann and police officer Dallas Reid trail a notorious drug dealer whose right hand man is reputed to have occult powers capable of turning humans into mindless instruments of destruction.

26.  Book of All Flesh

Author: Eden Studios
Plot: The dead have risen. God help the living.
It’s too late to run. The zombies are everywhere. They stalk through urban jungles and across the carefully manicured lawns of suburbia, shudder to unlife on the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War and in the deepest unnels of far-flung interstellar mining colonies. They lurk on your street, in your company’s boardroom, in your own bedroom. And they hunger.
The Book of All Flesh presents more than two dozen original tales of zombie horror, including works from such renowned chroniclers of fantastic terror as C. Dean Andersson, Ed Greenwood, Robert Vardeman, Scott Edelman, Robin D. Laws, and Matt Forbeck.

27.  The Book of Final Flesh (All Flesh Must Be Eaten)

Author: Eden Studios
From the battle-torn skies over World War I France to the corridors of alien prisoner-of-war satellites, the opium dens of exotic Victorian Shanghai to the living rooms of suburban America, the zombies rise up. Some crave revenge. Others hunger for the brains of the living. All are driven by desires they can neither control nor understand…
Edited by James Lowder, The Book of Final Flesh presents more than twenty tales of the living dead.

28.  The Book of More Flesh

Author: Eden Studios
They won’t stay dead!
The zombies cannot be stopped. From the pitch-black holds of pirate ships and the tunnels beneath the war-torn jungles of Vietnam, they rise up. And there’s no way to stop them, no corner of the world that’s safe from the invasion. Secret government labs, the trendy galleries of New York’s art scene, the drawing rooms of nineteenth century England all become the lair of the living dead in this inventive and chilling collection of horror and dark fantasy tales.

29.  The Best of All Flesh: Zombie Anthology

Author: Eden Studios
Bringing the living dead into stark reality, this anthology reveals the best of undead horror and monstrous zombie tales. Culled from the popular All Flesh Must Be Eaten zombie anthology series, this broad collection of stories proves that no place in the world is safe when the dead rise again. Their shambling hordes flood cities, scour the countryside, and leave no part of history untouched. Ideal for fans of supernatural terror and apocalyptic fiction, this horrific array includes narratives by Tobias Buckell, Scott Edelman, Charles Coleman Finlay, and Tom Piccirilli.

30.  The Brain Eaters

Author: Gary Brandner

Plot: Three bizarre and violent deaths that occurred on the same day in different parts of the country are the key to understanding an evil that could kill thousands more.

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