Zombie Books 3

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31.  Brainchild: A Collection of Artifacts

Author: Omnibucket
Plot: This fictional collection of artifacts answers that question as it details the raw output of survivors who scatter to whatever safe havens can be found in the wake of an Undead uprising. As the reader is moved along with them in their constant struggle for survival, a quiet order emerges reflecting the journey from shock and chaos, to resolute adaptation.

32.  Breathe

Author: Christopher Fowler
All is not well at SymaxCorp. The work is piled high, people are toiling overnight to meet deadlines, and the supervisors are keeping their beady eyes on everyone. But staff are complaining of feeling sick, and the last health and safety officer disappeared one evening never to be seen again. It’s down to new boy Ben, together with temp Miranda, kick-boxing Meera and over-weight June to try and get to the bottom of the problem. As colleagues are progressively transformed into mindless, blood-crazed zombies.

33.  The Breeze Horror

Author: Candace Caponegro
Sandy and her two-year-old boy are headed to the baby sitter’s one morning when it begins to rain. Nothing odd about that, right? Except this isn’t normal rain; it’s causing New York City to call for an evacuation. Sandy flees to her parents’ summer home on Breeze Island to wait out the storm. After it passes, those who got sick from the rain are quarantined on the beach, but they’re not getting sicker… they’re getting better. And they’re not happy.

34.  Carrion

Author: Gary Brandner
McAllister Fain is a likable charlatan. A fraud. He makes his living telling phony fortunes. Then he discovers an awesome power. He can revive the dead. He is an overnight celebrity. People on all levels beseech him to return their departed loved ones. But there is a terrible catch. The soulless things he resurrects are nothing more than meat: carrion. As their bodies decay these creatures have only one purpose: Find and destroy the man who brought them back.

35.  Cell: A Novel

Author: Stephen King
Civilization doesn’t end with a bang or a whimper. It ends with a call on your cell phone. What happens on the afternoon of October 1 came to be known as the Pulse, a signal sent though every operating cell phone that turns its user into something…well, something less than human. Savage, murderous, unthinking-and on a wanton rampage. Terrorist act? Cyber prank gone haywire? It really doesn’t matter, not to the people who avoided the technological attack. What matters to them is surviving the aftermath. Before long a band of them-“normies” is how they think of themselves-have gathered on the grounds of Gaiten Academy, where the headmaster and one remaining student have something awesome and terrifying to show them on the school’s moonlit soccer field. Clearly there can be no escape. The only option is to take them on.

36.  Changing of Faces

Author: Tim Lebbon
Plot: Jack and his father have been through a lot (as described in NAMING OF PARTS) and when they reach the coast they think they have found safety. There’s a beached ferry there, and a community of survivors from the living-dead plague that has swept the land.
To begin with, things seem fine.
And then the full moon comes, and the ferry is attacked by unnatural creatures far more powerful and determined than lumbering zombies.
When dawn arrives the survivors count the cost… and Jack feels something calling him along the coast. He leaves the ferry and his father to venture into the wilderness, thinking that he can help but, in reality, sensing something far more malevolent luring him away. His growing sense of betrayal is countered by the strange new desires he is experiencing.
It is only at the next full moon that Jack is made to realise the implications of what he has done.

37.  City Of The Dead

Author: Brian Keene
Where can you go when the dead are everywhere? Cities have become overrun with legions of the dead, all of them intent on destroying what’s left of the living. Trapped inside a fortified skyscraper, a handful of survivors prepare to make their last stand against an unstoppable, undying enemy. With every hour their chances diminish and their numbers dwindle, while the numbers of the dead can only rise. Because sooner or later, everything dies. And then it comes back, ready to kill

38.  Cluck: Murder Most Fowl

Author: Eric D. Knapp
Plot: Ancient evils have trapped the souls of a group of hens somewhere between life and death, and Bobby Garfundephelt, trapped inside the farm must make his way though the maze of the farm while avoiding the deadly traps of the evil Rooster King and his army. Fortunately for Bobby, the Exorciste de Volaille… a sort of exorcist of poultry has caught wind of the situation and must now enter the evils of the henhouse to rescue Bobby and face off against the evil Rooster King in an epic battle.

39.  Cobble

Author: Eric S. Brown, Susan Brydenbaugh
The Dead have risen. Humanity teeters on the edge of extinction. Only one remote island called Cobble remains as the last holdout of civilization and hope until a military unit fleeing the mainland arrives on the islanders’ doorstep, demanding to be allowed to stay. Amongst them is a man whose dreams span the length of time itself and who may hold the key to the human race’s salvation. But they are not the islands’ only visitors. A dark, demonic creature intent on finishing its work of destroying God’s world reawakens the island’s dead once more fanning the fires of distrust and hatred as the islanders and the military unit seek to find a way to settle out their differences and work together.

40.  Cold Storage

Author: Booklocker.com, Inc
Plot: Cold Storage is a collection of nine original horror stories based on the theme of the undead (zombies, ghosts, vampires, evil spirits).

41.  The Damnation Game

Author: Clive Barker
Plot: Marty Strauss, a gambling addict recently released from prison, is hired to be the personal bodyguard of Joseph Whitehead, one of the wealthiest men in the world. The job proves more complicated and dangerous than he thought, however, as Marty soon gets caught up in a series of supernatural events involving Whitehead, his daughter (who is a heroin addict), and a devilish man named Mamoulian, with whom Whitehead made a Faustian bargain many years earlier, during World War II.

42.  The Dark (Audio Book)

Author: James Herbert
Plot: These audio books from Macmillan UK offer abridged readings of some of the world’s most popular authors. Handsomely packaged, they feature readings by eminent actors of the stage and screen, including James Fox, Martin Shaw, Tim Pigott-Smith and David Rintoul.

43.  Dawn of the Dead

Author: Susanna Sparrow, George A. Romero
In Dawn of the Dead, the ghouls from Night of the Living Dead have returned with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, and a message that haunts the human mind. Young and old, black and white, their former lives forgotten, they fill the streets of our cities and run wild through our shopping centers, consuming everyone and everything they touch with the cure of living death. As four ordinary people take refuge in an overrun shopping mall and arm themselves against the onslaught, Dawn of the Dead becomes more than a bloodbath. In a world where life is a commodity, where survival is bought with guns, and where satisfaction is having free run of a department store, the dead will finally rule us all . .

44.  The Dead

Author: Mark E. Rogers
The Judge came like a thief in the night. No one knew that the world had ended—until the sun began to rot in the sky, and the graves opened, and angels from Hell clothed themselves in the flesh of corpses…Long out of print, this murderous theological fantasy presents an epic vision of damnation and redemption, supercharged with mayhem, terror, and old-time religion. Looking for a good scare? Try The Dead, and bite off more than you can chew.

45.  Dead Bitch Army

Author: Andre Duza
Step into a world filled with racist teenagers, masked assassins, cannibals, a telekinetic hit man, 100 warped Uncle Sam’s, automobiles with razor-sharp teeth, living graffiti, cartoons that walk and talk, a steroid-addicted pro-athlete, an angry black chic, a washed-up Barbara Walters clone, the threat of a war to end all wars, and a pissed-off zombie bitch out for revenge. When the police finally capture the number one suspect in the Bloody Mary Murders, a single-mother named Natasha Armstrong, nobody believes her story about her twelve-year search for the real killer, a murderous walking corpse who has no eyes but can still see, who moves like a bad stop-motion incarnation, but does so with ethereal grace. Nobody believes her when she tells them about all the bodies, or the people they used as game for the military-style obstacle courses that Bloody Mary and her soldiers, a ragtag group made up mostly of runaways, would build wherever they’d settle in any given town to recruit more soldiers and prepare for the end of civilization as we know it.

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