Zombie Books 4

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46.  Dead City

Author: Joe McKinney
Battered by five cataclysmic hurricanes in three weeks, the Texas Gulf Coast and half of the Lone Star State is reeling from the worst devastation in history. Thousands are dead or dying – but the worst is only beginning. Amid the wreckage, something unimaginable is happening: a deadly virus has broken out, returning the dead to life – with an insatiable hunger for human flesh…Within hours, the plague has spread all over Texas. San Antonio police officer Eddie Hudson finds his city overrun by a voracious army of the living dead. Along with a small group of survivors, Eddie must fight off the savage horde in a race to save his family…There’s no place to run. No place to hide. The Zombie horde is growing as the virus runs rampant. Eddie knows he has to find a way to destroy these walking horrors…but he doesn’t know the price he will have to pay.

47.  Dead Heat

Author: Del Stone Jr., Scott Hampton, Dave Dorman
After a DNA mutation infects the planet, the dead rise up to destroy enclaves of surviving humans. One zombie, Hitch, whose brain is partially intact, sets out cross country on his Harley motorcycle to find the evil Golem bent on obliterating the planet. Hitch’s fleeting memories and emotions?he’s a thinking dead?set him apart from the zombies under his command.

48.  Dead in the West

Author: Joe R. Lansdale
Dead in the West is the story of Mud Creek, Texas, a town overshadowed by a terrible evil. An Indian medicine man, unjustly lynched by the people of Mud Creek, has put a curse on the town. As the sun sets, he will have his revenge. For when darkness falls, the dead will walk in Mud Creek and they will be hungry for human flesh. The only one that can save the town is Reverend Jebediah Mercer, a gun toting preacher man who came to Mud Creek to escape his past. He has lost his faith in the Lord and his only solace is the whisky bottle. Will he renew his faith in himself and God to defeat this evil or will the town be destroyed?

49.  The Dead Shall Inherit The Earth

Author: Vince Churchill
In deep space, a colony is devastated by a horrific plague, unleashing a nightmare beyond imagination. A team of mercenaries battle against an army of living dead to save the Earth from a hellish fate where death is just the beginning…

50.  The Dead Land: A Superhero/Zombie Novel [Axiom-man Saga, Episode No. 1]

Author: A.P. Fuchs
A young boy goes missing. Taken, in the middle of the night. No clues. Nothing except the remnants of a black cloud, like the one coughed up from inside the Doorway of Darkness. A black cloud that takes Axiom-man to a world not his own. A dead world, where a gray and brown sky shrouds an entire city in a miasma of decay. The streets are empty. The young boy is nowhere to be found. Those he does find…are dead. And walking.

51.  Dead Voices

Author: Rick Hautala
Plot: Elizabeth Myers is a woman who just can’t let bygones be bygones, and with good reasons. You see, loosing a loved one is hard enough, but when you happen to see it all in its action details, then the I’m O.K. you’re O.K. line certainly is far from being your cup of tea. Trapped in her spiderweb of guilt, Elizabeth goes back to her homestead to start anew despite unlucky streaks hovering over her still, like the raving maniac with a black magic agenda, for example. Hautala uses again his old human heart hat trick formula and succeeds in weaving cold terror to and around his protagonist, whom shall we say is one unlucky chick.

52.  DeadFellas
Author: David Whitman
Plot:…and the headlines read…UNDEAD WALK THE EARTH, LOCAL THUG FOUND HALF-EATEN, PSYCHO BACK FROM DEAD. “I’ve honestly never read anything like this. It’s like John D. McDonald’s ‘The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ meets one of those British crime films from the 70’s — all directed by Tim Burton.” Greg Gifune, author of ‘Drago Descending’, ‘Down to Sleep’

53.  Deadlands
Author: Scott A. Johnson
Plot: The planet formerly known as Earth lies scorched and barren. Survivors live underground, ever on the defensive against rotters — mindless corpses that troll the sweltering surface. A new menace has evolved, set on human annihilation.

54.  Deadrush

Author: Yvonne Navarro
Transformed into one of the hungry undead during a dark ceremony, a Georgia youth desperately seeks answers to what he has become and discovers an addictive craving that urges him to kill.

55.  Deathbringer

Author: Bryan Smith
Plot: Hannah Starke was the first to die. And the first to come back. In the small town of Dandridge they all come back. The buried claw their way out of their graves. The recently killed get up and kill. As the dead attack the living, the number of the dead continues to grow. And the odds against the living get worse and worse.
In the middle of it all stands a dark, shadowy figure, a stranger in town with an unspeakable goal. If he is successful, death will rule Dandridge and the terror will continue to spread until all hope is lost. Who can defeat an army of the living dead? Who can stand face-to-face against the…

56.  Electric Jesus Corpse

Author: Carlton Mellick III
The twisted and surreal version of the story of Jesus Christ set in a bizarre version of modern day Earth that has been ravaged by war and cannibal zombie plagues, where the landscape is slowly mutating into meat and human flesh is transforming into machine. The novel follows Christ’s twelve apostles. However, in this world the apostles are pimps, necrophiliacs, skinheads, and other assorted freaks. And they have no desire to follow Jesus Christ on his crusade to save humanity whatsoever. So this novel follows the lives of these never-been apostles on their separate epic journeys into the bizarre. An awkward and chaotic work of art that is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

57.  Eve of the Dead

Author: Nathan Tucker
Plot: The world as we know it has fallen into a state of chaos. The dead are rising, and are attacking the last remaining living people. Businesses and residences that have not yet been overrun by the hordes of ghouls are being ransacked by looters. A small group of survivors from the countryside seek shelter and supplies at a large superstore just outside the city limits. They must use every resource available to be able to survive against marauders…the living and the dead.

58.  Fears Unnamed

Author: Tim Lebbon
A volume of four novellas, two of them British Fantasy Award-winners: includes “White”, “Naming of Parts”, “The Unfortunate”, and “Remnants”.

59.  Fell Cargo

Author: Dan Abnett
Luka Silvaro, a pirate captain long thought dead, returns from the wilderness to reclaim his ship. Back aboard his beloved ship, Luka embarks on a deadly new mission. But things have changed since he was last a buccaneer: it seems that the only way to become a pirate these days is to die first. Faced with a ship full of bloodthirsty zombies, can Luka defeat the evil and save the day? The Warhammer world takes to the high seas in this action-packed tale of adventure and dark sorcery.

60.  The Fog

Author: James Herbert
A peaceful village in Wiltshire is shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind a trail of misery and horror. A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other. Whatever it is, it must be controlled.

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