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76.  Monster Nation: A Zombie Novel

Author: David Wellington
In the heart of America, in the world’s most secure prison, something horrible is growing in the dark. A wave of cannibalism and fear is sweeping across the heartland, spreading carnage and infection in its wake. Captain Bannerman Clark of the National Guard has been tasked with an impossible mission: discover what is happening — and then stop it before it annihilates Los Angeles. In California, he discovers a woman trapped in a hospital overrun with violent madmen. She may hold the secret to the Epidemic but she has lost everything — even her name. David Wellington’s first novel, Monster Island, explored a world overcome by horror and the few people strong enough to survive. Now he takes us back in time to where it all began — to the day the dead began to rise.

77.  Monster Planet: A Zombie Novel

Author: David Wellington
Set twelve years after the shambling zombie masses have overrun Manhattan, America, and the world, Monster Planet is the mind-blowing conclusion to what must be the scariest trilogy ever. Oceans of blood, scattered limbs, wanton violence, and general mayhem abound, along with revivified mummies, a Welsh sorcerer, and Wellington’s signature brand of cool high-tech weaponry and sly humor — zombies, after all, are the ultimate consumers. What do the undead want, aside from fresh meat? Do the steadily diminishing number of humans who have somehow managed to survive over a decade of living hell stand a chance on a planet where they’ve been reduced to the status of prey? It all ends here, on Monster Planet.

78.  Book of the Dead

Author and stories:
Blossom by Chan McConnell
Mess Hall by Richard Laymon
It Helps if You Sing by Ramsey Campbell
Home Delivery by Steven King
Wet Work by Philip Nutman
A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned by Edward Bryant
Bodies and Heads by Steve Rasnic Tem
Choices by Glen Vasey
The Good Parts by Les Daniels
Less Than Zombie by Douglas E. Winter
Like Pavlov’s Dogs by Steven R. Boyett
Saxophone by Nicholas Royle
On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert With Dead Folks by Joe R. Lansdale
Dead Giveaway by Brian Hodge
Jerry’s Kids Meet Wormboy by David J. Schow
Eat Me by Robert R. McCammon

79.  Book of the Dead 2: Still Dead

Author: John Skipp, Craig Spector
An anthology of horror stories based on the universe of George A. Romero features stories by Nancy Collins, Douglas Winter, and Bram Stoker Award-winner Elizabeth Massie, and includes the lost original script for Romero’s Day of the Dead.

80.  Moonwalker

Author: Rick Hautala
Plot: In the potato fields of Dyer, Maine, lumbering, expressionless figures toil in the hot sun. They are relentless in the pursuit of their task, working without pause. As though mindless, they never slow, never stop…and never breathe. The potatoes must be picked. The small-town people of Dyer, happy with the way things are, never question the existence of the tireless workforce. They never discuss the horrid screams that rip through the night or the odd disappearances around town. Nor have they considered why the lights in the funeral parlor blaze like a beacon throughout each night. They simply look the other way. But for Dale Harmon, looking the other way is not an option. As a visitor to Dyer, the freakish events that plague the town are impossible to ignore…and he begins asking questions. Harmon and four others soon come face to face with a gruesome, unstoppable evil sent to consume them all. For the dead are living…and the harvest has begun.

81.  Nailed by the Heart

Author: Simon Clark
Ultimate Horror ?It goes without saying that the mother loves her child,? said Reed. ?Mother Nature programmed the female of the species that way. But fathers . . . they can be different. Oh, they would say they love their children. But some can be quite indifferent. They?d rather spend their time with their friends, drinking beer, playing squash. But I believe you do love your son very much, Mr. Stainforth. You spend time with him, talk to him?not down to him, you treat him as someone very important in your life. Probably far more important than you yourself realize. I see you at Christmas, spending all morning playing on the living-room carpet, putting together toys, laughing and joking together. I truly believe you do that, Mr. Stainforth. Ah, now you?re wondering why I wanted to establish that belief, and why I am standing here above the North Sea, holding your beloved son?s arm. The reason is this, Mr. Stainforth. Because I am going to kill your son. And you are going to watch me kill him.? The power of words. I am going to kill your son . . .

82.  Naming of Parts

Author: Tim Lebbon
Plot: Jack Haines and his parents begin a journey across an altered landscape to a town where, perhaps, they may find help… and Jack’s sister, estranged from the family for years.
It was his sister who once told Jack that to name his fears was to confront and deal with them.
In a world where reality has been turned on its head, there is much to be afraid of. So he walks and he thinks, and he sees some terrible things.
And he names the parts of his fear to keep it at bay.
His only hope is that, when they arrive at the town, they’ll be ready for what they find.

83.  Necropolis

Author: Tim Waggoner
All the bogeymen have moved to the dimensional boondocks and set up their own little city, Necropolis. Along with vampires, ghouls, and demons, Necropolis is home to Matthew Adrion, a zombie private eye who must determine what is going wrong with the city before he literally falls apart. The novel is written in traditional hard-boiled style, complete with first-person narrations and wisecracks aplenty, but the setting may be the strangest environment in which a PI ever had to work. Evil forces are at work to wreck the uneasy balance of power shared among the Lords of Necropolis. To make it worse, Adrion, running out of magical restorative spells to hold himself together, must resort to stuffing the bits and pieces of himself that fall off into his pockets.

84.  The Night Boat

Author: Robert R. McCammon
A Nazi Sub rises to the surface after 40 years with the crew mummified and still living due to a VOODOO curse. The towns people, (thinking they have a historical find), tow it into the local harbor.

85.  Night of the Living Dead

Author: John A. Russo
Out of the night they come. Filling the air with chilling howls, the dead are rising from their graves, bent on feeding on the flesh and blood of the living. They seek out human life. And these monstrous corpses will let nothing stand in their way as they hunt down the living to satisfy their own evil desires.

86.  Night of the Loving Dead

Author: James Futch, James Newman
No Rest for the Wicked…
What do ancient Satanic curses, rock n’ roll, the Mafia, urban legends, Internet porn, Tourette’s Syndrome, and zombies have in common?
Read Night of the Loving Dead, and you’ll find out. You’ll also never go to sleep again.
Night after night, in Grady Memorial Hospital’s Autopsy Room #1, the dead awaken. For several hours they rise, with an unholy urge. But these reanimated corpses are driven not by a hunger for human flesh, but by an evil lust for carnal knowledge!
Night of the Loving Dead is a novella of hardcore horror, a trashy, B-movie hybrid of The Sopranos, Day of the Dead and Showgirls. Throw in a demented dash of drive-in camp and a blood-spattered ode to sex on the information superhighway, and you’ve got a story that might just be the most twisted tale you’ve ever read.
Night of the Loving Dead. You’ll never look at sex and death the same way again…
A Demonic Clown Book

87.  One Rainy Night

Author: Richard Laymon
Plot: A horror novel set in a sleepy backwater where a stark madness invades the inhabitants during a prolonged period of ‘unnatural rainfall’.

88.  Pet Sematary

Author: Stephen King
When the Creeds move into a beautiful old house in rural Maine, it all seems too good to be true: physician father, beautiful wife, charming little daughter, adorable infant son — and now an idyllic home. As a family, they’ve got it all…right down to the friendly cat.
But the nearby woods hide a blood-chilling truth — more terrifying than death itself…and hideously more powerful.

89.  The Preserve

Author: Patrick Lestewka
In the summer of 1967, seven men, members of an elite combat unit, embarked on a covert operation in the jungles of Vietnam. Two died. The survivors were forever changed. Twenty years later, the remaining unit members receive a letter from an anonymous benefactor, along with a check for $50,000 and a promise of more to follow—if they agree to one final mission. Their task is simple: journey to the wilds of northern Canada to track down and kill three escaped convicts. The convicts are starving and unarmed. Easy money. A cakewalk.
But they have no idea what lays in wait on the snow-topped tundras and in the dark forests of the frozen north. Waiting with sharp teeth and slitted eyes and an old score to settle.
They have no idea.
But they will.
They have entered…
The Preserve.

90.  Project Phoenix: Dead Rising

Author: Darrin Patterson
In 1959 on a small island in the Pacific, it was the genesis of the end of the world as we know it.
In 1999 in a small Midwestern town, the dead walked once more.
Something terrible went wrong, again. This time it can not be contained. This time the horror will be unleashed and there will be nothing anyone can do about it.
You can not reason with them. You can not bribe them. They are only interested in finding and killing you. Then when your cold body is leaking the lifeblood, they will feast upon the meat on your bones. Read how a high school cheerleader and a hardware store clerk must survive the rising dead and the military sent to contain them. She has the brains, him the brawn to live through the night and try to escape the hell that is waiting for them if they fail.
Yet there is no hell but what we make it on earth. You can run, you can hide, but you can never escape death and his army of the undead.
Just remember that it is better to be dead than undead.

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