Zombie Books 7

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91.  Reign of the Dead

Author: Len Barnhart
A worldwide plague causes the dead to walk…and they’re attacking the living!
A group of just over one hundred survivors seek shelter in a local rescue center. As time passes and the situation deteriorates, the overcrowded shelter becomes a potential deathtrap. The group’s leaders then forge a plan to clear out and move to a small correctional facility in an outlying area of the county.
As they prepare to move to a more secure refuge, another pocket of survivors led by a delusional religious zealot are forming their own twisted plans. Meanwhile, deep beneath a secret mountaintop government installation, the cumbersome wheels of establishment grind on. As the surviving militant faction seizes control, a small group of scientists struggle to unravel the mysterious origin of the plague.
The story culminates in a deadly confrontation between the surviving factions and the living dead. Who will triumph in the end? Reign of the Dead is a story of horror and heartbreak, good versus evil, love lost then reborn, and about survival against insurmountable odds.

92.  Apocalypse End: Reign of the Dead

Author: Len Barnhart
Plot: In Reign of the Dead the Apocalypse had just begun Mankind is an endangered species! The dead walk and the living search for refuge from the waking nightmare.
Strap on your weapons and reinforce your means of travel! In Reign of the Dead the Apocalypse had just begun. Apocalypse End: Reign of the Dead is the final installment of a two-part story.
The world now belongs to the rotting corpses of a lost civilization. Bearing little resemblance to their lost humanity, they hunt for warm-blooded prey to satisfy an overpowering primal urge to consume living flesh.
As Jim Workman continues his quest for other survivors, he is again confronted with the realization that there is more to fear than death. He encounters a Militia led by a ruthless radical. They are a group of survivalists, prepared for anything, and their numbers are great. They are the last vestiges of a corrupt anti-establishment that stands in the way of a new beginning for mankind.
No stone is left unturned and no question is left unanswered in Apocalypse End: Reign of the Dead!

93.  Resurrection Dreams

Author: Richard Laymon
Vicki was the only one to stand up for Melvin, but even she had to admit he’d gone to far when he dug up a body and then tried to bring it back to life with the aid of a car battery. Years later, and now released from a mental institution, Melvin is back and after Vicki – or rather her body.

94.  Resurrection, Inc.

Author: Kevin J. Anderson
It is the future and the dead walk the streets … Resurrection, Inc. found a profitable way to do it. All it took was a microprocessor brain, a synthetic heart and blood, and, presto, anyone with the price could buy a Servant with no mind of its own and trained to obey any command. But for every Servant created, a living worker was out of a job, and suddenly Resurrection, Inc.’s profits became everyone else’s loss. Some took to rioting in the streets, their rampages ruthlessly ended by armored and heavily armed Enforcers, eager for the kill. Some joined the ever growing cult of Neo-Satanism, seeking heaven in the depths of hell. Only one tried to change the world. His name was Danal, he was dead–but he remembered. And he was the last hope for the living…

95.  The Resurrection Game

Author: Mike Watt
The Resurrection Game takes place in a world where the walking dead are an every day irritation, but a small group of people are brought together to discover the cause of the zombie “Infestation”, and find themselves up against the multinational corporation that does not want certain secrets to be known.

96.  Return of the Living Dead

Author: John A. Russo
After a bus turns over in a quiet American town, the entire country is thrown into the grip of the hands of the dead–or undead. No one is safe from the flesh-eating ghouls who have risen from their deathbeds to feed on the living. As the horror spreads, the blood begins to flow.

97.  Risen

Author: J. Knight
Welcome to Anderson. It’s pretty quiet here and that’s the way we like it. One thing, though. Madge Duffy murdered her husband John last week, or thought she did. She spent the night in jail but then John walked out of the morgue none the worse for wear. And there’s a bullet hole in Deputy Haws’ shirt that he can’t explain. Something is going on in this town of ours. Something that makes your skin crawl and your teeth grind in the night. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll tell you this: It scares me.

98.  The Rising

Author: Brian Keene
The dead are returning to life as intelligent zombies. Trapped by the undead, escape seems impossible for Jim Thurmond. But Jim’s young son is alive and in dire peril hundreds of miles away. Despite overwhelming odds, Jim vows to find him— or die trying.
Joined by an elderly preacher, a guilt-ridden scientist, and a determined ex-prostitute, Jim embarks on a cross-country rescue mission. They must battle both the living and the living dead. And for Jim and his companions, an even greater evil awaits them at the end of their journey. This is the time of…The Rising.

99.  Rumors of the Undead (30 Days of Night) (Bk. 1)

Author: Steve Niles, Jeff Mariotte
Plot: In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn’t rise for more than thirty consecutive days and nights from November to December. During this time a few years ago, from the darkness and across the frozen wasteland, an evil that normally preferred to exist in the shadows descended upon Barrow and brought the residents to their knees. Barrow’s only hope was Eben and Stella Olemaun, a husband-and-wife law enforcement team who were torn between their own survival and saving the town they loved.
Months later, as Stella Olemaun attempts to warn the world about the looming vampire threat by any means necessary, a rogue government agent may be taking more than an active interest in her story. And meanwhile, further north, a new sheriff and his young son must solve the lingering mystery of Barrow, even as the survivors of the original attack prepare for the sun to set once again — however this time, they’re ready. 30 Days Of Night: Rumors Of The Undead is Steve Niles’s innovative and eagerly anticipated expansion of a nightmarish narrative that explores the nature of ancient evil existing — and thriving — in an unsuspecting modern world.

100.      Seat: Special Echelon Anti-terror Task Force

Author: Andrew J. Corbett
One man’s quest for an end to aging, opens up a whole new meaning of mortality: The dead no longer stay dead and the living have become their food. As the big cities fall to the living dead, there are few places where the living can find safety. Dropped into the middle of hell on Earth, a special anti-terrorism task force is forced into something they have not been trained for: Fighting their way across a country filled with the hungry dead, where the price of a human life is cheap, and the dead are not the greatest threat. In a world of the living-dead there are no places left untouched; from the wide avenues of New York City, to the alleys and streets of Russia, nowhere is safe.

101.      Song of the Living Dead

Author: Soren Narnia
The zombies rose and walked, the country went mad, and then the zombies laid down again—all without committing a single act of violence. Song of the Living Dead is a satire and an elegy, a patchwork oral history of the strangest plague in world history. While scholars, politicians, and common citizens share their insights on this fictional madness, the restless dreamer Lionel tells his own story. Traveling randomly across the east with a group of close friends, he witnesses first-hand the nightmarish confusion that the living dead bring upon the land. It’s a story of one man’s despair over his country’s inability to unite in crisis, a tale of sudden, random violence and illusions of America’s greatness gone askew. When the zombies rise a second time and become anything but docile, the tale becomes even darker.

102.      Species

Author: Michael McBride
The end came on a Friday night.
In its final hour, humanity had no chance to raise an angry fist to the sky and rage against its fate. The human species perished with all of the fanfare and hurrah of unwitting cattle led to slaughter. Yet few died quickly and painlessly. Tortured, anguished looks were affixed to the faces of the dead which littered the streets like autumn leaves–features stained with coagulated blood and claw marks drawn in bleeding lacerations across their throats. Their vacant eyes searched the heavens for help, for answers, for salvation, only to find they were alone.
Those who survived were the chosen, the damned: saved by their genetics. It was a random mutation that would have killed them had life been permitted to continue unimpeded, and it was that same malady that enabled seven strangers to survive THEM.
The survivors thought they had been saved. They thought it was over.
And then THEY reanimated the dead…

103.      Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Species

Author: Michael McBride
In the final days, humanity faced the final hour of existence. With a whimper they passed from this life and into something inhuman, something monstrous, something alien. In the last hours they longed for a deliverance that would never come – there was only emptiness. But all species are difficult to extinguish, and in humankind there were seven imperfect souls selected for survival. But what seemed a blessing was a nightmare. And the dead are unforgiving.

104.      The Steel Breakfast Era: The Decadent Return of the Hi-Fi Queen and Her Embryonic Reptile Infection

Author: Carlton Mellick III, Simon Logan
The living dead conquered the Earth almost a century ago, leaving only small isolated communities of survivors spread across the shattered-earwig landscape. One such community has been locked away in a New York City high-rise. Breeding like cockroaches for many generations, their civilization has almost completely deteriorated into a mess of insane ones and those infested with parasites that mutate flesh into steel-string sculptures. There is nothing to live for, no chance for hope. Except for one man, not yet effected by the parasites, who finds hope after he creates a wife out of the human body parts that litter the hallways and gets rescued by a group of zombie-shredding warriors from Japan (where the citizens have evolved into anime-like mechazoid characters).

105.      Stranger

Author: Simon Clar
An ocean of humanity runs from a devastating force that no one can even see – they pour northwards over the Mexican border. A mighty nation falls…Sullivan town remains one of the last enclaves of civilisation. Greg Valdiva, a stranger to the community, has lost his city home and his mother and sister both died on the gruelling journey here. Beyond the township’s ramparts humanity is undergoing a strange and terrifying transformation. Fearing contamination, Sullivan isolates itself, allowing no one in or out, under the threat of death. When Greg Valdiva helps hungry refugees, he is forced to flee. He joins a band of teenagers and discovers that the Earth has been overwhelmed by a new species of human beings. He and his friends are on the run; theirs is a ceaseless struggle for survival. Soon Greg will learn about the twenty-first century curse that has befallen humanity. And that this is the start of a war like no other as humankind plunges towards the abyss of total extinction. Is this the end? Or does humankind have a saviour?

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