Zombie Bowling Ball

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The Zombie Bowling Ball is here.

DV8 is the company behind it.

Who ever thought of this should be given a medal RIGHT AWAY and a raise!! And the rest of us mere mortals can only stare in pure shame and remorse that we did not think of it first. I MEAN COME ON! It’s a bowling ball that looks like a zombie’s head. Even if you’ve never bowled in your life and are not even planning on EVER bowling (why you would do such a thing is beyond me and frankly i don’t care) you would love having an item like this on your shelf.

You can admit it. You want a zombie bowling ball. It’s ok, I believe it is perfectly natural… it happened to me too.



The DV8 Zombie Bowling Ball

Oh yeah! If you’re wondering, it is available as a 10, 12, 14, 15 and 16 pound ball and comes with a two year warranty. All though I don’t believe that is necessary as I easily see this ball just standing in peoples shelves. Looking all cool. :)

We hope you never have to double throw with this zombie head bowling ball ;)



Sometimes you don’t need to double tap!

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