Zombie Cats – Crazy. crazy, crazy!!

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I really do not understand this fascination the Internet has with cats! Those furry bastards have overtaken the Internet! I am a dog person, sue me :P

There are dozens of websites dedicated to them with thousands of videos and pictures everywhere you look! I get it, they get in all kinds of s*** and still manage to look cute and forgivable! But come on!


So enjoy, you cat junkies!




Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty

Yeah, that’s right there is an illustrated book about a zombie cat. Check it out and enjoy!



I bet this one will change your awwwwws into ewwwwwws!

Other zombie picture galleries:

Zombie Star Wars

Zombie Hoodies


  1. kittycatmedia July 5, 2011 4:19 pm 

    kittis and zombies, my two favorite things!!!

  2. jacqui August 1, 2011 4:08 am 

    soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuttttteeeeeeeeeeee

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