Zombie Children’s Books

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Yes, there are zombie books for kids! And if you’re looking for them, look no further. Our list of zombie children’s books should keep you and your kid occupied for quite some time.

Keep in mind however that not every kid’s book is fit for every child so please read the descriptions and inform yourself before reading them to your little ones.


How to Speak Zombie: A Guide for the Living

In a world overtaken by zombies, the only hope for survival lies in learning the language of the undead.

How to Speak Zombie demonstrates how to blend in and avoid being eaten while carrying on with everyday activities like ordering a latte from a zombarista and shopping at a zombie-infested mall.  This essential guide features an electronic sound module that demonstrates proper zombie pronunciation (“RAHHHhh!”), helpful text that explores the customs and etiquette of the zombie world, and detailed illustrations that show the undead doing everything from pumping iron to dancing the night away.

Deeply informative, this handbook also includes an all-purpose BRAINS button that can be used in any situation, deadly or otherwise.


That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale

When Matt Mogk was a little kid he suspected his mom might be a zombie.  Turns out she wasn’t, but that experience led him to start the Zombie Research Society, and become a leading global authority on all things undead.

Through his work Matt knows that there will be tens of millions of zombie moms in the coming pandemic, and so he’s dedicated his life and this little  book to helping people of all ages better prepare for the day their moms try to eat them.



Ten Little Zombies: A Love Story

When being chased by ten little zombies (no matter how cute they are), your only option is to systematically destroy them one by one, or else become zombie number eleven. In this love story wrapped in a tale of zombie mayhem, a resourceful couple flees from and picks off their undead pursuers with fast-paced ingenuity and an entertaining range of zombie-thwarting tools. As the zombies shuffle and stumble their way toward a variety of gruesome ends,  our heroes must come up with new ways to escape sticky situations and stay together.



Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk

Reading is UNdead! Everyone has zombies on the brain as Stink’s school and a local bookshop cook up a frightfully fun Main Street event. Guts! Brains! Eyeballs! There’s only one week before the new book in the “Nightmare on Zombie Street” series comes out.  Of corpse Stink will be first in line at the Blue Frog Bookstore to buy his copy and join the town’s Midnight Zombie Walk!

Until then, Stink and his friends keep busy making ketchup-stained zombie costumes, trying to raise money to buy the book and  racking up points for Virginia Dare School’s race to one million minutes of reading.



The Zombie Chasers

When brain-gobbling zombies invade, a sleep­over at Zack Clarke’s house quickly turns into a Level-3 creep-over.

The undead have infested the streets, filling the air with deathly moans and the stench of rotting flesh.

Meet the Zombie Chasers.



Z is for Zombie

Children looking for goosebumps and chills will get them in this A to Z just right for Halloween or anytime. Rich, spooky paintings help set the stage for a frightfully good time.



ParaNorman: A Novel


In a quaint New England town with a history of witches and pilgrims, misunderstood eleven-year-old Norman Babcock can see and talk to ghosts.

No one believes him, of course-everyone just thinks he’s weird (including his parents). But when a folktale of a witch who cursed her accusers turns  out to be true, it’s up to Norman to save the town from pilgrim zombies!



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    My name is Jackie Chin and I am the producer of Zombiepalooza Radio a 5 hour zombie show. My first hour, however, is all about children’s books regarding the zombie theme. I would love to have anyone listed here on the show that would like to bring their book to life for our young listeners.

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