Zombie Collectibles

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This selection is for every one who wants to start his own zombie collection.

Whether you’re looking for The Walking Dead action figures, Marvel Zombies collectible statues or impressive collectible works from the Resident Evil series please choose the respectable category below. We tried to cover all the amazing zombie series and sub-genres without making to big of a chaos with all the various toys and collectibles. If you see we are missing a toy or two please drop us a message as the number of cool zombie stuff is rising by the day and we want to find the best of the best and feature it here for you.

These are some valued collector’s items from various zombie movies, series and genres.

So if you want to add something new or special to your existing collection, take a gander on some of our selections and please bookmark these galleries as we are constantly searching for new items and updating our collections.

The Walking Dead Collectibles


…Of The Dead Collectibles


Resident Evil Collectibles


Marvel Zombies Collectibles


Other Zombie Collectibles



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